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Created : 23 December 2016
Edited : 23 December 2016
System : Mac

Normals and Dot products

Math makes no sense.

I spend a while going through some video's on youtube that tried to explain collision detection (Line vs Line and Polygon vs Polygon ect)

I sort of understood a few things but most of what they were showing made no sense to me. Other video's I watched after that could not teach me either. I still have no idea how to make those collision functions myself with certain math features.

I wish there were sources to learn things like that. Internet is still pretty young I guess so the amount of easy to understand information still needs to grow.

I stopped using monkey 2 for now. I got back to using Monkeyx for the time beeing. I started adding more code posts on my blogger account. For the next few years afaik flash will keep working in browsers. I also thought to have read that google sites has no limits in how many different pages you can create. So I can host a lot of flash programs on there. Html5 games can not be put on google sites.

I have been considering buying the Jungle Ide for MonkeyX. But it is not that cheap. And the Monk editor is not that bad.

Here something I made yesterday. Took me 5 hours. I can not remember what I did that took so long but at the end I was happy to get it working. I might expand the code later on to have a player and collision with the walls ect. (The grey color is the walkable ground and the white lines are the walls.)

View on YouTube

I also spend a few days experimenting with creating textures with MonkeyX. I used no references or anything. Lots of layered stuff.

View on YouTube

I used the google image search to look up random textures and one of my creations of this year was high up on the search result pages.

At the moment I am out of ideas of things to program.

Leadwerks has something coming in 48 hours and it might be that BlitzMax will be released and installable from Steam. Might be fun to start using it then.



Saturday, 24 December 2016, 04:05
That texture generator would be great for making mobile phone wallpapers, I reckon!
Thursday, 29 December 2016, 16:26
No idea if this will help or not (looking back on it, I realise my writing was probably a bit dense), but I wrote some maths tutorials a while back, including one on calculating line intersection. www.socoder.net/?article=37076
Saturday, 07 January 2017, 20:37
I have looked at the tutorials a couple of times.

English is not my native language so it is a little harder then. I learned a couple of things from youtube becourse they were showing visuals of how the lines and points would react and how they should behave.

What maybe would help me best is short code examples. Steps from the maths systems showcased and explained.

For now i will have to spend more time trying to find the right words that make the steps needed make sense to me.

I have learned a bit of the logic to make collision functions ect myself. I hope to learn to program a polygon2polygon collision function in the future.