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Created : 17 July 2017

Another New Watch!

I removed the Fitbit Blaze from my wrist, unclipped it from it's strap for the 50,000th time, and popped it into the charger. Something I'd done the day before.

7 days, it said. 'Average 7 day battery life'
After just a few months of owning it, I was now averaging 1.. One fucking day..

'Have you tried disabling X/Y/Z features' suggested Fitbit.
That's not the fucking point, though, is it?!
I don't buy something, only to disable 95% of its features.
I buy something to use the features advertised.

So, I sat with the watch strap in my hand, and wondered what to do next.

The Pebble and Pebble Time had been ok, but they too needed frequently charged, and all this FitBit bollocks had pissed me off more than enough.
Instead, I grabbed my old MisFit.
Popping in a fresh battery (the CR2032 lasts about 6 months.. NOT ONE DAY!!!) I slapped it on my wrist, and then remembered why I'd originally moved on from that watch, as the watchface popped out and landed on the floor.

Aaah, yes. The Misfit's strap was knackered..
So, do I go for a new strap, or do I go for a whole new watch?!

I headed to the MisFit site, and had a nosey around.
Eventually, I opted for the MisFit Phase. A nice dark shade of blue, available for £99 from Amazon.

Actual watchface - True, I've gotten used to having my own Platdude watchface with the Pebble, but the Fitbit didn't do that, and I honestly didn't miss it.
Battery - Uses a 'Not a CR2032' cell battery, that apparently lasts 6 months.
Steps and Sleep - The important bits

No Platdude
The strap has little metal 'slidey grippy' things, which are tapping on my laptop as I type. Grrr!

Other stuff..
Tapping the button rotates the hands to display a rough estimate of how much of your daily step goal you've managed.
The thing doesn't randomly pop out of the strap!
It has an additional button which can be tied to certain apps, eg to control music or other such stuff. I doubt I'll make use of that.

So, yeah..
It cost me £99 to save having to charge my watch every day or so, and I no longer have Platdude on my wrist.



Friday, 05 January 2018, 00:24
I just got an amazfit bip.... Seems ok.