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Created : 13 April 2024
Edited : 13 April 2024


Feeling quite proud, today. This morning's walk to Tesco and Back has popped my annual steps over the 77,000 mark.
77,877 is the number of steps I managed over the whole of 2013.
And it's only April!!!

I've also managed to out-walk 2015 through to 2023.
The only one I've not beaten yet is 2014, and that was quite a hefty amount of walks, that year, almost twice as many steps as 2013.

As good as it feels to have managed that, so far, I'm certainly feeling tired out from it all. I also neglected my VR exercising through most of the house-move kerfuffle, so I'm actually not feeling 100% fit and healthy, if I'm honest.
And the stumbles continue, and the dizziness is quite bad. Today's stroll to Tesco and Back was really quite bad, in terms of dizziness. The walk back was quite the effort, and once home I needed an antihistamine to get rid of the insane amount of spots that'd popped up over my arms. .. I'm still not sure if that's down to sweat or stress or what.. Either way it's frustrating coming home from a walk and having to medicate myself due to an insane rash that swells up all over me if I don't quell it fast enough!!!

But, hey, good walking, Jay! Keep going!!



Saturday, 13 April 2024, 06:31
One step is better than no step! Keep going! Great job!

Regarding VR exercise, I played Thrill of the Fight last weekend, just a couple of rounds and it nearly killed me! The next day I could barely move my arms LOL!
Saturday, 13 April 2024, 06:53
I tried out C-Smash VR ("Not Cosmic Smash..!!") and it was OK, but required far too much left and right movement to hit the ball for me to cope with, which is a shame, because that's exactly the sort of gameplay that would help me.. If they added a narrow room option, that'd work great.
Thursday, 04 July 2024, 04:19

Smashed it.

The walk to the polling station and back tipped me over the top.
I've now walked more steps this year than any other year since 2013. (Individually, not combined!!)
Thursday, 04 July 2024, 04:20
Woo! Congrats on the improvements, is good news!

My walking has gone down this year but I'll be back on the fitness train again soon now the pressure to code is aleviated somewhat.
Thursday, 04 July 2024, 13:50
Great work!
Friday, 05 July 2024, 06:26

Had a lovely walk today. We weren't planning on going all the way to the Canal today, but it was lovely weather so we ended up there!!
3,648 steps there and back.
There's a lovely little set of picnic tables up there, so we sat for a good 10 or 15 minutes before heading back.

The swans + family all came swimming towards us, there was a riverboat heading down the locks, it was absolutely gorgeous.
Friday, 05 July 2024, 10:20
Nice, what lovely scenery!