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Mon, 18 May 2009, 15:42
hey people i generally wanted to know what i can do on my laptop as far as anything is concerned i wanted to know how to do anything as far as going through old information i fort i had deleted from my recycle bin to finding it on my hard drive or simple thing's like free program downloads that would help my pc run faster
Mon, 18 May 2009, 16:23
95% of "Run Faster" programs are a scam. Don't trust them.

The best thing to do. Keep your hard drive clean, defrag regularly, and don't leave hundreds of programs running in the background. That goes especially doubly for Sidebar Widgets and things like that.
Kill 'em all..

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Mon, 18 May 2009, 19:15
I agree with Jay about run faster programs, but there are lots of Windows optimizations you can do manually. Far too many and far too complex for me to list here, but things like turning off searching for network printers/drives and disabling the visual effects tend to give good quick results. A google online for tutorials on this will give you lots of results. Again these are manual optimiations you should be doing yourself via opening option dialogs and using regedit, not things to download and run.

Another tip is to just learn to monitor your PC. For example is that my eee kept freezing all the time so I started monitoring the processes in the task manager and noticed lots of disk IO was occurring all the time. So I lowered the size of the swap file to encourage Windows to use it less and also disabled indexing files. Now it does a lot less IO and freezes far less.

Process Explorer is a good little app I use to help with this. It's essentially a more sophisticated task manager.
Mon, 18 May 2009, 20:58
Also programs that run at startup, Messenger is bad for this

Get Ubuntu
Mon, 18 May 2009, 22:31
To be fair |edit| lots of |edit| people want Messenger to open at start up.

But lots of other apps open in order to pre-load content. Adobe Reader and the Java runtime are two good examples. Most of them are listed in MSConfig, but typically you should check the program specific options first. Java has a habit of re-adding itself to the startup list if you turn it off through msconfig. You need to go into the control panel and disable startup in the java options.
Mon, 18 May 2009, 22:48
To be fair most people want Messenger to open at start up.

I think he might have been referring to the Windows XP messenger service.. I could be wrong tho.

What if this were not a hypothetical question?
Tue, 19 May 2009, 10:59
warez talk is not allowed in this forum. No keygens/serialz/inselkampf/crackz/otherwise, or you get your arse banned.

''Load, Next List!''
Tue, 19 May 2009, 13:10
Inselkampf now counts as warez?
Tue, 19 May 2009, 15:35
ok then that's great but if anyone does know of any cool programs i could download anything to spicen up the life of my pc like the desktop cube or ect.
Tue, 19 May 2009, 20:18
I'm lost, who mentioned warez?
Tue, 19 May 2009, 22:54
warez talk is not allowed in this forum. No keygens/serialz/inselkampf/crackz/otherwise, or you get your arse banned.

Piracy talk will get you banned unless you're Jay, JL235, Orion Pax, Yo! Wazzup?, Afr0... well you get the point.

Quit posting and try Google.
Wed, 20 May 2009, 01:11
Uhm... not that I know for certain what the original post that was removed (or whatever happened) contained, but in general there's a big difference between talking about and/or even admitting to piracy and actually spreading links to pirated software.
Basically, if you're not able to get hold of pirated software yourself, this isn't the place to get help!!

Afr0 Games

Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
Wed, 20 May 2009, 01:12
I believe Jay is referring to banning how people can pirate content rather then why people pirate content.

@Jabawokie: there are two desktop cubes that I know of for Windows, one is Yod'm 3D which you should be able to find a free copy online somewhere. I don't know what the other is called, but it might be CubeDesktop. You also take a look at BumpTop (which I won a free CD key for). Finally you could try one of the many multiple desktop

However multiple desktop environments have always been way better implemented on UNIX/Linux based operating systems. It's one of the few things they do well.