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Socoder -> Question of the Day -> QOTD : What have you done, this week?

Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 01:57
This week..

10. Been in town, bought Scrabble.
9. Played Scrabble.
8. Played more Scrabble!
7. Got new Phone.
6. Started Scrabble scorer for phone.
5. Continued to work on Patent Wars.
4. Watched about 10-15 episodes of Mythbusters
3. Microbes
2. Socoder behind the scenes stuff.
1. Penises

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Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 02:12
I have been playing with irrlicht 3d engine. Haven't really done much with it, looking thought documentation, tutorials. In my opinion very very good.Powerful, simple.

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Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 09:23
You've done Penises, J? You might want to be careful and wear protection.

This week.. buuhhh... I lazed about, and made a bot using cURL that automatically posts press releases for my job. It's wonderful when computers do the job for you.

I am Busy Mongoose - My Website

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Current Project: Pyroxene
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 09:53
I'm not sure what I did over the whole of the last week, but this is a summary of things since the end of last week off the top of my head.

On last friday it was my last day at HSBC so I had a last day lunch and went to a new dim-sum restaurant. When back at work (and whilst generating a few reports) I snuck out to buy two big cakes. Back at the office I chatted, took photos ate cake, drank Starbucks coffee and then beers from the Circle-K downstairs. Then I went out drinking with my house mates team (it was his last day too) before staying up until about 2 am with him drinking a random brand of chinese whisky.

On Saturday I decided to take it slow and just surfed the internet, watch Corrie and did a little programming. Then I went to the airport to meet my brother who was arriving in HK. After I took him to his hotel before going about Kowlloon before out for food and a drink.

Next day me, my bro, my room mate, my room mate's bro and my roommate's bro's sis all met up at the Avenue of Stars (which features Jackie Chans star and a statue of Bruce Lee). Then we went on the ferry to Macau! The weather was terrible and it really is all casinos, so we ended up just going to a deserted amusement park right next to the peer. After a restaurant and walking around in very wet and extreme heat we went into an underground arcade that was hidden in a giant fake volcano (it was located between a fake ancient Chinese fort and a fake Roman/Aztec section).

Inside I played on lots of arcades, but notable ones were Outrun in giant rumbling cars, the new Afterburner where the whole arcade leans from side to side as you fly and the quite rare House of the Dead 4 Special Edition. It is enclosed in it's own arcade room that features a swivelling rollercoaster style chair which rotates you in full 360 degrees between two giant screens in front and behind you. For example at the beginning zombies attack from behind at which point the chair turns, without warning, 180 around so you can shoot zombies behind you and then, without warning, 180 degrees back. It was all very intense.

We then went to the Lotus Flower memorial forum in Macau before going back to Hong Kong. We just ate and drank when we got back.

The next day (today) we decided to start late. So I met up with my bro in Kowloon before heading off to Langham Place shopping mall, a 20 story shopping mall in the heart of MongKok. It has the worlds longest escalator in a shpping mall and several life size Marios!

After that we went to Central and I showed him around the financial area before taking him to the Hong Kong park. There we went in the conservatories and the bird avery, but missed out the museum of tea wear. Aftet that we took the peak tram to the Peak and after walking around the peak went up to the top of the Peak Tower. As always the views were amazing.

Then we went for food, a drink and then to the IFC and dossed about for a while. Then took the Star Ferry across back to the Avenue of Stars. This time we were there for the worlds largest fixed light show, A Symphony of Lights!

After that we went to a Russian bar where you are given a russian fur coat and hat and then stand in their freezer at -20 degrees C drinking vodka. After we went for a few drinks before buying remote control cards with vacuums that allow them to drive on walls and upside down. Then I went home and then wrote this.

Tomorrowz I plan to go on a cable car to a giant Bhudda which also features a traditional Chinese temple. After I will go out drinking with my team from Hong Kong. Later in the week I plan to go to the Ocean Park theme park and see Transformers 2 at the IMAX.
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 10:05
Not much. School for one. I've been working on a castle level that looks really nice, but progress has been slow because my slightly obsesive compulsive nature likes everything to be perfect. I've also been taking a shovel out and killing some weeds for my parents.
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 12:11
Wow, JL, sounds like you're having quite a week!

Me: Just working my day job, then looking after my son, and squeezing in a little bit of coding when everyone's asleep (if I can manage to stay awake myself).
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 14:46
Monday through Thursday, I go to Physics at 8 am, and then Calculus III at 1:30 pm. In between I'll work on various things, but this past week I had a Physics test on Monday, and a Calculus test on Thursday, so I spent a good bit of time studying.

Went to the robotics lab mon-thur night, and I went mid day friday and saturday, and I went on sunday from like 8 am 'till 9 pm. Lots still to work on on the little sub, but we're making definite progress, and are on track to be ready before the competition date.

We were experiencing some issues with the compass, which, by the way, all those electronic compasses are extremely finicky. and expensive. We mounted it at the front end of the sealed tube, but the data got messed up because of its proximity to the thruster right below it, so the compass had a tendency to point toward the motor's magnets, and unfortunately no amount of calibration could be done to compensate, so we had to move it, which is a real pain, because the tube is so tightly packed with electronics. But anyway, we finally got that working, so that's good.

Went to a real good party on saturday night, lots of my friends that were back at their respective hometowns during summer session came up to visit, so that was fun.

On my way out of the lab on sunday though my car battery had died, so that sucked. We tried reconditioning it (best place to have your battery die is at a robotics lab with a bunch of electrical engineers near by ), but the battery wouldn't take a load or charge, so I ended up having to buy a new one .

So yeah, that was pretty much the week.

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Computer Science Series: Logic (pt1) (part 2) (part 3) 2's Complement Mathematics: Basic Differential Calculus
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 15:47
Learned Ruby on Rails, or at least the basics, for work.

Purchased NolanDC.com, although there's no content yet. I'm not really sure where I want to take it yet. Any ideas?

Finished two books. Please read something by David Foster Wallace if you like modern literature.

Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 16:08
@Nolan: Just have it redirect to your socoder profile. done.

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Computer Science Series: Logic (pt1) (part 2) (part 3) 2's Complement Mathematics: Basic Differential Calculus
Mon, 29 Jun 2009, 16:09
Dreamcast Homebrew!!!

Just shove a blog on it, that's what we all do!

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