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Socoder -> Cobra -> Fun with Cobra!

Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 10:57
So, you've downloaded the demo, now what?

Share random bits of sourcecode here!

Couldn't figure out "Or" in the if's!
Tried or, tried ||, both gave errors, I gave up...

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Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 11:05
power mousey
I had my fun.

But, the day is done.
Yes, the day is done.
Shoved Cobra in the sun.
gonna have some real fun


power mousey

new postey-->downnloaded some cool languages and also this quest creator. And hey this Alice in Wonderlan simulator that will generate a character for a desktop buddy that you can talk to and also the character will sing and dance too.
I hope I can pick Cheshire. Cheshire Cat.

and along with that...I'm downloading this free 330 page introduction ebook to C# and some other languages too.

later all
bye for now...
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 12:27
Jay, look at the "conditions" statements... are they what you need? I can't remember from here on the iMac.


Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 12:28
Ooooh - Cobra sounds so much fun!!!! Pity that I'm afraid of breaking my computer by downloading it, after what happened with McAffee...

A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...

Keep It Simple, Shroom!
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 13:36
Lucky things, I'm now downright annoyed, microsoft released a faulty driver for my video card, so I download it (not knowing it was faulty) and now my video card's gone on strike, i.e., the image is completely messed up and out of proportion. Luckily, I managed to navigate without the use of my mouse, to the system restor icon and have now restored my system. Automatics updates of MS website are now OFF.

And Oh Joy. Just had a call from intercity. Intercity say that there was a veichle fire on their van on the M42 and everything inside the van was destroyed, except for the small items section which had my wireless router in it. So now, the've rescheduled delivery to Wednesday 27th December. That means i'm going to spend a 13th Christmas with no wireless router. And I'm almost sure that was a lie, no coverage on Midlands today about that incident, I'm getting fish. If my wireless router doesn't show up on the 27th of december, I'm going to be one unhappy bunny and will make sure the next time I order something off the net I e-mail te company and tell them, I DON'T WANT INTERCITY DELIVERY.
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 14:56
jnk, for or just put parantheses around each condition.

What if this were not a hypothetical question?
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 15:25
Do what now?

That works..

eg.. (since code is easier to read than an explaination)

if (this=that) or (theother=another) then Dosomething

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Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 15:28
that was the first thing that came to mind when i saw 'or' highlighted but giving an error, and it worked.

What if this were not a hypothetical question?
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 15:30
Forgive me if I am wrong... Cobra seems like a mixture of BlitzBasic and Darkbasic/Pro and if I'm not mistaken, some sort of scripting language such as Python thrown in for good measure.

I'm not completely sure... Just a hunch.
Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 15:37
It's definately something unique, I'll give it that!
It's not entirely basic, it's not really Blitz.. It's all a big bundle of mixed up stuff, really!

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Posted : Friday, 22 December 2006, 19:17
power mousey

Cobra looks like some of Basic...and familar and various dialects of Basic, and also of Pascal too.

like andrew said, I'm curious of this adder. I'm also interested in both Nuclear Fusion and Nuclear Basic.

I couldn't find adder nor the internet forum site where it was mentioned that adder will be coming out. But I found this programming language called Beatnik.

power mousey
Posted : Saturday, 23 December 2006, 01:03
Nowadays, there are so many programming languages. It's probabaly best to find a decent few and stick tot hem (i.e. Blitz, Cobra etc.)
Posted : Saturday, 23 December 2006, 07:21
power mousey

you said it, andrew. true.

with on the problems and hoopla with Cobra...cough cough!!
I'll be sticking with Blitz 3d, Pure Basic and DBPRO.
I got my Rolling Stones 'Satisfaction' with them.

My curioisty has died...not the cat but the Cobra.


Posted : Wednesday, 13 June 2007, 05:04
Cobra is very good language but it is early day, Power mousey....I am sure Cobra 2D or 3D will get better and better over time.

Posted : Saturday, 16 June 2007, 02:23
power mousey

yeah, you might be right Hotshot.
If Cobra 3d ever comes out. I hope
Graham is putting the finishing touches
on Cobra 3d. And I hope its coming out
very, very soon.
But I can't wait much longer though.
Yet, I'll just go with the glow and the
fission of Nuclear Basic.
I'm good and prepaid on the Basic radiation.

in the mean time and between time,
I'm having another go with both Python and Pygame.

power mousey