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Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 00:48
  • Luvly Jumper, warm and toasty
  • Pair of dark grey jeans
  • Atari Belt!
  • Space Invaders T-Shirt
  • £15 iTunes card, for super fun appyness
  • General Deodorant/Cleansing/Socks packages!
  • Unexpected £50 from someone who likes my games!!!

    .. Didn't help that I'm not much of a game-player anymore. People used to be able to buy me random games at Xmas, but without my interest in playing, anymore, people just didn't have a clue what they were meant to be buying me!

    ''Load, Next List!''
  • Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 01:03
    I got a cafetiere set, Napoleon Dynamite and some clothes (t-shirt, shirt, jumper and cardigan).

    I'm also receiving a new pair of shoes over the next few days.
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 05:38
    4x4x4 and 5x5x5 Rubik's cubes, already have the 4x4x4 down pretty well if you exclude parity.

    DnD Insider subscription

    A box of Dots...

    And probably some other stuff, if I can get around to remembering any of it... I'm tired.
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 05:48
    A new phone (Yay!) It made me realize that Socoder looks shite on Android.

    Rock Band for Nintendo DS (Yay!)

    Avatar Special Edition (Yay!) Makes me wish I had a BluRay player, because they crammed 70% of the extras onto a separate BluRay disc. :\
    Oh well, at least I get the standard edition, the Special Rerelease version AND the Director's Cut version on DVD!

    A new jacket, gloves and a hat. Much needed, sos I can actually go outside without freezing to death.

    Afr0 Games

    Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 06:11
    I got:
    1) A jacket
    2) A USB hub in the shape of a retro robot
    3) Some fleece tops
    4) Shower gel package thingy
    5) A pair of trainers
    6) Drunk
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 06:14
    A few books and a mountain of chocolate. Oh, and a Pacman alarm clock.

    A mushroom a day keeps the doctor away...

    Keep It Simple, Shroom!
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 10:48
    hmm, not doing presents on christmas here, we have a similar national holiday where we do the same.
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 18:12
    I got:

    -Some CD's
    -Bucky Balls!
    -Candy and chocolate
    -A trip to the orchestra!

    My Twitter
    Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 20:36
    I got a cover for my phone, some shirts, books, and some money.

    @Afr0: get the dolphin web browser, it's a lot better than the default one with android, especially at handling javascript dropdown menus.

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    Computer Science Series: Logic (pt1) (part 2) (part 3) 2's Complement Mathematics: Basic Differential Calculus
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 01:31
    1001 Games To Play Befor You Die, couple of games - Metroid M and Red Dead Redemption, a couple of DVD boxsets - Auf W. Pet and Dexter Season 2, some smellies and some socks. I also got a couple of novelty items, including a build a foam model aircraft carrier.

    A nice selection that should keep me busy into the New Year and beyond.
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 01:54
    blanko1324 I got:

    -Some CD's
    -Bucky Balls!
    -Candy and chocolate
    -A trip to the orchestra!

    What!, no teabags?
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 03:03
    my list

  • A new camera from my mum and dad, combined it with my birthday from a month ago
  • a couple of pairs of socks (im wearing one now!)
  • Some jeans
  • a strange alarm clock in the shape of a cat
  • Doghouse on DVD
  • the usual toiletries
  • Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 08:47
    waroffice the usual toiletries


    Quit posting and try Google.
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 10:34
    Oh yeah! Some tea too. Thanks, Steve.
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 12:34
    waroffice means stuff like shower gel, deodorant etc... AKA smellies!
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 12:36
    Check this out Steve: share.strubhar.me/2S0y3J0J1d2V0m2m0Z14

    Quit posting and try Google.
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 12:39
    What the f**k... LOL
    Well I must say, that's the first time somebody has suggested that I'm a MILF

    And I hope the 'M' in that acronym means Man, not Mother!
    Mon, 27 Dec 2010, 17:10
    Why can't I click Yes?
    Tue, 28 Dec 2010, 01:47
    blanko Why can't I click Yes?

    Dunno, but I'm thinking to myself "thank f**k for that!".

    Come to think of it, I think I know why it has popped up... It must be the Moobs!
    Wed, 19 Jan 2011, 06:52
    I got lots of gift cards, a new tv, a GPS for my car, clothes, and etc. I was very blessed this year.

    Extraterrestrial Grail