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Socoder -> Off Topic -> Security & Paranoia vs The Internet

Posted : Saturday, 03 August 2013, 05:30
I have a friend, Dave, who totally freaks out about everything!!!

He protects anything he creates, especially if he wants to send me a test of his latest coding..

For example, he'll stick his program into a zip, password protected of course, then email the zip (from his "secret" email address, to my none-gmail email address because gmail doesn't like zips, and he point-blank refuses to use anything other than zips) and then separately send me the password, via Facebook.

He still uses a none-gmail account because he's paranoid about having so much spam, and needs to be able to control his spam filters properly.

He uses about 3 or 4 email addresses, depending on the time of the day, or day of the week, so that spambots don't cling on.. .. even though he only ever uses them to email me, so no spambots would ever see them!

It's a whole level of paranoia that I've not seen elsewhere.. Dave's a special sort of paranoid!

Me..? I generally stick to the "If you don't want it seen, don't put it online, otherwise it's probably going to get seen." school of thought. I don't mind what happens to my content once I've popped it online, so long as I ain't getting ripped off, somewhere along the line.
.... I probably am, but I'm happy to be oblivious to it!

What about you?

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Saturday, 03 August 2013, 06:20
I actually use gmail as a separate back-up for my stuff and email updates constantly. Obviously I'm not that concerned.

Let's face it 99.9% of any communication we send, in any medium, is pretty tedious and unimportant to anyone but the recipient (and even then it's probably tedious and unimportant).

Any poor schmo that wants to read through, or listen to, tons and tons of shit to get access to a grain of good stuff deserves whatever they get IMHO.
Posted : Saturday, 03 August 2013, 07:22
I actually HAVE sent zip passwords over facebook before after hosting the encrypted zips on my web server. Though facebook (and probably the US government) can see the information I'm sending over, it is at least secure in that nobody except those two parties can spoof my identity or read the content, and my (and that of the person to whom I'm sending the content) communication with facebook is over HTTPS.

I only do that when I'm sending over very important things, though, like my secret taco recipes or Steam activation codes.