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Posted : Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 15:42
Just wanting to be nosey

How's everyone keeping?
How's life's great plan?
Everybody good, or are bad things going on around you?
Feel free to rant and rave.


Life is generally plodding along for me. Nothing's really changed over the course of the past year. Still being sick, although that's starting to wear off a bit, but the dizziness and off-balance stuff remains as annoyingly bad as it was.
In general I'm feeling more like myself, and am starting to feel like I can get back to some kind of normal routine. .. But then I try, and quickly realise that.. No.. I can't...! Fucksocks.. Then I have to sit down for an hour or so, and usually end up being sick again. GAH!!

But I can code well..

Mum's coping well enough. She's starting to get out more, leaving me to sit and code while she takes a trip into town, or visits a friend. I think she still feels guilty about leaving me in the house, while she gets to go out, but like I keep saying, it's not fair that she's stuck in, all the time.. Complicated.. But what can you do.

Molly's starting to warm to us, I think.. A bit.. Maybe...
She still mostly avoid us, but over the past couple of weeks I've managed to grab her, carry her over to the couch, and have her actually sit with me for more than a second or two... .... Minor, but progress!!

Sister's off on holiday, again!! She's always on holiday.. Lucky git..

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Posted : Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 15:56
Busy, as ever. Work, work, work. Oh, and five kids - all at home causing chaos! Don't get me wrong, I love having the kids around, but working from home with the monsters ain't easy!

Coding wise, I've done very little. The PS Vita work has been on hold until school starts back and work calms down. Haven't had time for PlayMyCode much either

Got a few small projects planned to get back into game coding again - and maybe I'll throw up a few more experiments on PMC. Who knows

Great to hear you're getting better Jay - hopefully it keeps improving for you.


Posted : Tuesday, 27 August 2013, 19:37
You've caught me right after the worst (so far) day of band camp, so I'm not in a particularly good mood right now. The summer in general has been going fine for me, though I've been nowhere near as productive as I'd like. Marching band is.. interesting; more than half of the band is new people this year, which is kind of worrying. We're doing relatively well, though. I'm certainly getting better at my instrument at a quicker pace than I had anticipated.

I really want to type more things, because I like to type things. I'm so freaking exhausted right now, though, that I think it's best that I go to sleep.
Posted : Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 01:05
You've caught me right after the worst (so far) day of band camp

And then this one time at band camp...

Doing a bit of this. A bit Of that. And feeling the full effects of aging. Everything aches. If it's not aching, it's hurting. Can't sleep at night - I'm always too hot. So, I'm just plain knackered.
Posted : Monday, 30 September 2013, 23:46
Long time no see!

Been gone for a bit, due to some heavy, and I'm not kidding, proper heavy guff... Cut a long story short... Ahem... Left Laura (My wife), mam had a stroke (Shes recovering, still having trouble with speech) and I've started seeing her cousin catherine (Though, not the reason for the split)... And... I'm back at college doing a NEBOSH Certificate every monday night!

Lot on, currently living between my uncles and Cats houses (She lives literally around the corner)

So aye... There we are... Been absolutely crazy the last 7 or so weeks, but, managing to get through it and its all starting to quieten down!


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Posted : Monday, 30 September 2013, 23:55
That's a heck of a lot to have happened in such a short amount of time!

Hope your mum recovers well. Can be slow after a stroke, it takes time for everything to get back to normality, but regular movement and small exercises seems to help quite a bit.
Keep us up to date on how things go.

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Posted : Tuesday, 01 October 2013, 00:09
Sure is... It's been proper mental!

At one point I didnt know if I was actually awake... Everything was hazy for at least a fortnight. She's doing good, we caught the symptoms in time to get the ambulance out, and to get her into hospital where they pumped her with the anti-clot gear, she was up and about after a week, and now shes home, her mobility is as good as ever, though, its her speech mostly, when she's tired, she just doesnt bother, but, when she isnt and she gets into a bit of rhythm, she can fire out sentence, not perfect, but understandable.

Sometimes she gets half way through one, stops because she cannot say whats she's thinking, has a think for a bit, laughs and waves her hand in a "Doesn't matter" fashion!

She is, really, as tough as a nut, and I'm certain, after a few months with a speech therapist, noone will ever know she's had one!

As I said, it's all quietened down, only bit of grief left is obviously my ex and catherines family, still eruptions about that, but, that's life really too... Me and Cat have always been close, knew each of since we were 19, used to go down Durham together in a group of mates, but, things happen, and if you asked me if I'd be meeting Cat 6 months ago, heck, even 3, I would've said "Dont be silly", but, life swings, and, well, we are... And, I'm happy!


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Posted : Tuesday, 01 October 2013, 03:18
Oh wow.

Glad everything's working out for you (and your family) now though and that you are happy. That's the important thing.

Keep on truckin'
Posted : Tuesday, 01 October 2013, 16:31
How's everyone keeping?
I'm feeling OK. I exercise on the elliptical many nights which helps my condition.

How's life's great plan?
It took a sour turn since the Department of Social Services required that I return to school. I'm doing that even though I already have a Degree, but they, like the asses that run Los Angeles, sent me to the College but did not buy books for me. I'm going to tell the Justice department so that the DOJ can either make them supply the books, since I will be dropped if the books do not materialize or, so that they can revamp the program.

Everybody good, or are bad things going on around you?
More shady things are developing around me here. It's the people all of this area. If you move to another then those idiots start in on you. At church I was told that they have no lives and so pick on others. If this is so then the Justice Department should have stepped in decades ago.

Not exactly ranting but

Posted : Tuesday, 01 October 2013, 19:45
Still going through loads of finacial and housing shit in the aftermath of my dad's death just over a month ago.
Posted : Wednesday, 02 October 2013, 10:42
Don't want to rock the boat, but everything's going well for me, I'm coming close to the end of my trial period as a supervisor at work (a reasonable size shop), got my first ouya game out, working on an update for it. Health-wize everything is ok, the most I can complain about is that my big to on my left food aches a bit now and then, possibly age, possibly running over it a few years ago with a pedestrian stacker (fork lift that you walk behind), haven't even had a bad cold this year yet. Socially my worst complaint is that the neighbours don't put their rubbish in the bind or the bins out con collection day, but thats what I get for living in a flat.
Everything else is good Sorry to hear about everyone having troubles. My only advice, which is the same advice for most situations (I'm not too great at advice) is to try to look on the bright side of things, humans are quite unique in having to changing their (our) mood just by wanting to without any external influence.
Anyway, glad to see that some situations are getting better, it's always good to remember that things usually get better.

|edit| waffled on a bit there, sorry |edit|

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Posted : Sunday, 06 October 2013, 01:57
I've been busy with school. And still am.
Just came home from Russia (Sochi) - stayed there a 3 1/2 days. I got compliments from russians for my russian, which was overwhelming! Anyway, the below picture pretty much sums up the trip for me:

Notice the car to the left, and you have a pretty good idea of the difference between "poor" and "rich" in today's Russia ("rich" meaning the theatre and the people who can afford to go there).

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Posted : Wednesday, 09 October 2013, 20:19
I graduated college and am now an elementary school music teacher in the city. I also teach piano on the side. I've moved into my own place in a tiny town that I really like. My apartment is a 100 year old hotel, which is cool! And...that's about it. My current life is: wake up, go to school, come home, eat, plan, pass out in bed, repeat.

It's been a while since I checked in here. Good to know how you're all doing. Hang in there, everybody.

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Posted : Thursday, 10 October 2013, 02:13
Great to hear from you!

I'm really enjoying watching your Tubage, some lovely pieces of music. So jealous that you can physically play instruments so well! Lovely stuff!!

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Posted : Thursday, 10 October 2013, 12:26
Afr0 Notice the car to the left, and you have a pretty good idea of the difference between "poor" and "rich" in today's Russia ("rich" meaning the theatre and the people who can afford to go there).

That old rust bucket will probably still be working long after those cars to the right.
Posted : Thursday, 10 October 2013, 14:39
I'm now moved back into uni again after a long summer at home. Got a better room than last year, which is nice. However, internet connection is occasionally playing silly buggers, which I need to sort out. Still, it's good to be back!

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