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Socoder -> Sony Gaming -> Play Station!

Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 15:39
Playstation add on for Snes... Looks a bit like a Wii!

And now they have pics of..
Play Station! Looks a bit like a Saturn.

I love how the Snes add-on's pad already has the triangular Start button! Freaky!

''Load, Next List!''
Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 15:58
It kind'a reminds me of being shown a thing that plugged into the top of the Sega MegaDrive, it was called the Super MegaDrive AFAIR. Phew... That takes me back many years, about 17 I think I was at the time.

When coupled to the MegaDrive system, it looked like a MegaDrive on top of a MegaDrive, and had a cable that attached to a 3 inch floppy disk drive. It could even be used to copy the software from a cartridge to a floppy, then dis-assembled on a PC.

The person that showed it to me said that it was normally used for developing games for the MegaDrive.

He was lucky to be in the industry, because the average Joe would have problems trying to obtain one of those units.

|edit| I can't remember exactly what it looked like, but I know that it was around 1992/1993 when it was shown to me. Iv'e never seen another one since. |edit|
Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 16:51
#any retro gamer who knows there stuff, knows that the sony playstation used to be a snes add-on. First photos I've een of one though, great find.

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Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 17:08
Well I've definately have to admit that I never knew that the PlayStation, was originally a SNES add-on.
Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 17:15
Yup, Nintendo changed their mind about it and set Sony loose... the rest is history.

The Megadrive add-ons were the Mega-CD and the 32X.

Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 17:22
I bet Nintendo are gutted about it now.
Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 18:09
power mousey

I can hear Weird Al singing his
song "Dare to Be Stupid" in the background.

Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 22:14
How are you supposed to hold the controller? If it was held as one would expect (cord coming out of the top, d-pad in left hand) it appears that the controller would be in a u-shape. Wierd.

Can anyone see the fifth and sixth face buttons? I'm interested to see what other symbols besides square, circle, X, and triangle that they had.
Thu, 07 Jun 2007, 23:34
Already knew it and seen those pictures already (years ago). Did you know Mad Ken Kutaragi designed the SNES audio chip?

One SNES add-on I hadn't heard of before (until visiting Wikipedia) was the Satellaview. Although I had heard of SNES networking devices.
Fri, 08 Jun 2007, 02:03
Wow! The first I heard about this was in a console fanboys flamewar or something, this is the first time I've actually seen it.

Thank god nintendo scrapped this!

I'm also curious about what other symbols they could have used on that pad.

Also as a former owner (and fan ) of a Saturn, that second link was hilarious!

BlitzRSS script back online!
Fri, 08 Jun 2007, 10:31
"I bet Nintendo are gutted about it now."

looking at sales of the Wii to PS3... I would guess ninty are pretty happy!

(afaik, ps3 sales are poor, and wii sales are pretty phenomenal. so be warned: i may not be right :/)
Fri, 08 Jun 2007, 11:45
power mousey
no mole...

mike_g was referring to the fact
that Sony was contracted to help out Nintendo with
their next game console. And especailly with some kind of cd drive.
I don't know all the reasons...but Nintendo cancelled their working relationship with Sony. And Nintendo came out with their Super Nes instead. While Sony took their design of the cd drive and built the Playstation 1.

|edit| also caffienekid was telling about it too. |edit|
Fri, 08 Jun 2007, 13:24
Nintendo cancelled their working relationship with Sony. And Nintendo came out with their Super Nes instead.

This was an add-on for the already existing SNES.

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Fri, 08 Jun 2007, 13:31
power mousey

hmmmm....ahhhh, you're right!
I was incorrect or wrong on this aspect.
I thought Nintendo contracted Sony to work
on the whole game console.
But what if....Nintendo didn't cancel their
working relationship with Sony, and decided to use
the drive that Sony created in the first place??
Perhaps...the Playstations would never have
been made. Or maybe at such a later date and in a different form.

power mousey