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Thu, 08 Jul 2021, 06:51

A silly clicker minigame, inspired by one of the examples in the CPC Manual.

Most of the development of this "game" can be viewed here.

View on YouTube

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Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 09:10
Sailor's Jig : Music - Demo.


Sat, 10 Jul 2021, 10:37
That's awesome

Popped into the Pink Examples disk, and also copied to AGameAWeek blog.

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Sun, 11 Jul 2021, 03:58
The past couple of days have seen a few additions to JSE.

Search box in Project List - At the top of the Project List is now a handy box you can type into, to filter the names of projects.

Swap a,b - Swaps the values of two variables. Doesn't work for Arrays. Hmm..
sgn (+/-) - Returns -1 for a negative number, 1 for a positive number or 0 for .... zero!
asin/acos - I added atan ages ago.. Not sure why I didn't add asin/acos, to go along with it.
Replace / ReplaceAll - Simple replace functions for strings.
ReplaceAt/InsertString - places string b into string a, at position c, via either replace or insert methods. Maybe that should be InsertAt? Hmmm...

Handy commands, but nothing particularly amazing.

Incidentally, I also added Inc and Dec, but ultimately removed them.
Inc a was a teensy bit faster than a=a+1, but Inc a,b was oddly a heck of a lot slower than a=a+b

a=a+b is ordered, and exact..
1. take a
2. add b
3. place into a, return.

Inc a,b on the other hand is a case of
1. instruction - inc
2. find value of a
3. is there a second value?
4. if so find value of b to a, or just add 1 to a.
5. return.

So.. Yeah, it ended up being slower..
I decided that, in the end, I might as well stick with the classic.

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Mon, 12 Jul 2021, 13:45

OK.. This one is DEFINITELY a system stress test!!

I'll give it a proper release in the morning. For now, let me know how broken it is on your particular system!
It *should* look like this.. But that's running on an M1 MacBook, so.. Mileage will most definitely vary!

Oh yeah, and if it insta-crashed refresh your browser to be sure it's got the most recent version of the engine. I had to tweak the Tilemap stuff a bit..
.. GetTileRot() wasn't working, 'cos I mistakenly copy+pasted the SetTileRot() functionality, and forgot to change it...

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Mon, 12 Jul 2021, 16:58
On my Android phone, all I get is Forming Futrios... No progress bar. Looks pretty cool though on the YouTube video.
Mon, 12 Jul 2021, 17:07
I've been trying my best to optimise it as best as I can, but this is probably pushing things to their limit!!
One thing I realise is, I definitely need some kind of double buffering!!
... hmmm..

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Tue, 13 Jul 2021, 08:38
On my Android phone, on the preinstalled internet thing, the Game does not show the progress bar.
It's kinda frozen.

But with the Google Chrome it does work, although its kinda slowed down, it is running at 25 fps.

(compared to 30 fps on my pc)
Tue, 13 Jul 2021, 10:47
God, don't make me have to charge my crappy Samsung tablet for testing!!


|update| It's doing updates galore. I'll probably get to try it out by mid-August. |update|

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Tue, 13 Jul 2021, 12:20
Switched on Android Tablet for first time since probably Sept last year, or thereabouts!?
Had to wait for updates. Chrome refused to run GotoJSE.com at all, because that version of Javascript didn't yet have the ReplaceAll command.

Note : If you hook up an Android device to your PC and run Chrome on the PC, set up USB debugging on the device, and go to a weird-ass address, you can access the device's Console.Log using your PC.
I don't have Chrome on the Mac, but I do have it on the MacMini which is running Windows.
Handily, it also has a USBC wire which I use to keep the Switch charged..
So, I plugged the Android Tablet into the MacMini, used the MacBook to Remote Desktop to Windows on the MacMini, used Chrome on there to connect to the Android Chrome, and .. Bingo.

So, I had to update Chrome, that's easy enough, right?!
Headed to the Play store and watched as it updated Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Angry Birds, and more..
"28 updates are available.."

Oh boy..

Eventually it got down to two remaining updates. Chrome and some Android Web-View thing.
Oh, great..

Faffing and faffing and faffing about.
Eventually the update kicked in, after a few reboots, and all was good to go.

Hooked everything back up again, and .. indeed, just like you both, it locked up at the progress bar.
I hit reload, and it worked fine the second time, so .. This must be a cache issue with the mod file. I thought I'd solved that, but I guess not.


The second time, worked like a charm.

... If a charm were a monstrous beast running at an average of 2 fps, and taking roughly five minutes for that progress bar to reach the other side.
OH MY GOD. So slow!!!

Once ingame, it was painfully bad, continuing its awesome 2fps, and flickering like crazy along the way..

Yes indeed.. This is very much pushing things too far!!!

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Wed, 14 Jul 2021, 08:24
Right, the refreshing did worked, had to do it 2 times.
Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 03:19

Updated my lovely Falling Petals thing.
I'm sure there's a game in here, somewhere..

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Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 03:27
Any plans to up the tilemap system? I was thinking your language/website was maybe a nice bed for creating quick game tests. But when looking around I thought that it may be a bit more work to get started. I was thinking on how to do collision with the tilemap while browsing the manual. More maptypes and collision/animation commands could maybe make getting things done quick easier.
There are some nice collision commands there already though!

Good to read there is optimalisation being done!
Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 03:33
I've had that stuff rattling around in my head for a few weeks, since I added the original Collision commands.
There's a LOT of commands already in there, and I reckon trying to add a similar set to tile maps would get a little bit crazy!
I'm trying to optimise the command set in my head, so it's a little less.. .. chaotic!!

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Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 16:48

Please give this code a try, and reply with a vague system/browser clue, along with the average score you're getting.

(Values updated 24th July)

Mac M1/Safari - 82
Mac M1/Firefox - 68
Mac M1/Opera - 55
iPad Air 3rd Gen - 148
iPhone 12 Pro - 114
MacMini 2015 running Windows / Edge - 166
MacMini 2015 running Windows / Chrome - 198
MacMini 2015 running Windows / Opera - 172
MacMini 2015 running Windows / Firefox - 220
Previous Win Laptop / Edge - 272
Previous Win Laptop / Firefox - 420 ?
Previous Win Laptop / Chrome - 145
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10" 2018 / Chrome - 1075
GPD Win / Chrome - 1300

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Thu, 15 Jul 2021, 17:12
Amd Ryzen 7 4800H Edge Browser- 125 / new 83
Ipad pro 2021 M1 Chrome - 124
Iphone se 2020 - chrome - 160 / new 103
Ipad 2017 Chrome - 703
Ipad 2020 Chrome - 210
Intel 7300h i5 mobile laptop - 176

edit : updated
Fri, 16 Jul 2021, 13:04
Windows - SrWare Iron - 150

Android GN20 - internet - 284
Android GN20 - Chrome - 204

Android S6 - Mercury - 1000~1500
Android S6 - Chrome - 960~1500
Android S6 - Internet - 1400
Fri, 16 Jul 2021, 15:07
Android: Realme 7 around 400
Sat, 17 Jul 2021, 05:50
WIndows Firefox - 150
Tue, 20 Jul 2021, 04:54
Extra chunky tweak, this morning, to the point where my crappy Samsung Tab now scores an average shockingly slow value of 1050, rather than the pitiful 1690 score it had last Thursday.


I previously wrote a script that tested various methods to see which was quicker.
One of the tests compared a single giant switch:case vs a series of smaller switch:cases, wrapped in a switch:case..

That is..


and so on..

Essentially breaking the giant switch into lots of little switches.

My test script did a massive loop of these and timed which one turned out to be faster.
I tested on all of the browsers I could, and found that one giant switch was ALWAYS faster than jumping through hoops and having multiple nested switches.
So I DEFINITELY didn't go down that route, and instead kept one giant switch.

This morning, I booted up my old Windows laptop and found it was still running the previous None-Chromium version of Edge, which is great, because that version has some lovely debug tools.
I ran the site on that, and the first thing it flagged up was that the giant switch couldn't be optimised.
So, I set about splitting it up, in exactly the way that I'd previously tested to be "the slower method", and gave it a try.

Well, what do you know..

Lesson of the day : Don't trust your tests!!

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Tue, 20 Jul 2021, 06:30
I found a list on the Wonkey(Monkey2 fork) discord channel with some resources on how to learn to program your own interpreters or compilers. I think I might buy this book :

How to write a interpreter in Go:


It teaches how to write a MonkeyX interpreter in GO. On my local amazon the digital version is 18 euro's. There is also a follow up book on how to write a compiler.
Tue, 20 Jul 2021, 06:45
That sounds like a good read.

Personally, I think the reason I've continued to work on this (when was the last time I worked on a single project for THIS long?!) is that I'm giving my head the chance to figure things out as I go. The puzzle has kept me coming back for more!!

Also, be careful..
That's not "OUR" Monkey..

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Wed, 21 Jul 2021, 12:29
I tried futrino on the ipad 2017 today. I noticed there was a blue flickering bar on top of the screen. It seemed like a bug/glitch. No idea if I can upload footage of that here on your site.
Wed, 21 Jul 2021, 13:12
That's the backbuffer issue.. The GUI Bar across the top is the last thing to be drawn each frame, and since I'm not using any kind of Backbuffering, you're seeing things half-drawn.
I did attempt a backbuffer method the other day, but it ended up running much slower, so .. Ctrl-Z for a while, there!!!
I'll give it another go some time. It definitely does need it.

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Thu, 22 Jul 2021, 07:15
I just tried to do some coding with the If command. It seems it does not do multiple conditions in one line?

if x>-1 and y>-1 and x<10 and y<10 then ; ?
Thu, 22 Jul 2021, 07:46

Testing with...

And it seems fine.
What else did you have on that line?

Or is that ; part of the line?


Aaah, yeah.. take that ; away.
Alternatively, take the then away.
It doesn't appear to like you having both the then and the ;
I'll have a look through the parser.

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