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Socoder -> Misc Languages -> PICO-8

Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 13:20


I am wondering if anybody has fooled around with PICO-8. If so, what are your thoughts?
Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 14:29
When I did play with it I thought it was a fun little programming language, reminded me of coding on the Anstead.
Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 14:53
I haven't ever given it a go. I think I probably would've gotten along with it, if I took the time to learn its ins and outs.. but I never did.
.. too late now!!

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Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 15:07
I like the idea of a virtual console. Does look like fun, like the good old days. But with my 20/200 vision, it is damn near impossible to see.
Fri, 22 Oct 2021, 15:23
I hope undune keeps getting worked on. Sometimes a fun game gets released for pico I saw this real nice pico8 racing game a while ago. Reminded me a bit of Vroom I think it was called.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 00:11
@TRG You stumped me with the Anstead. Never heard of it before. Do you have a link (can't seem to find one) so I can see what I missed out on?
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 01:54
Maybe it is Amstrad but autocorrected to Anstead ?


I have tried to make, or better said, to remake a game from the C64 on the pico 8.

I thought, it could be a nice way to learn more about it.

I started with arrays ... and gave up.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 02:22
There were a few coders on Retro Remakes fooling with it and coming up with some some nice little games etc.

As I used to code for GP2X and other handheld machines I was interested, but never actually tried it. I haven't coded in a couple of years now, so it's unlikely I'll ever get around to it.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 10:15
There are many good games on the pico 8 site.
Like this nice remake of the old ascii star trek game.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 15:15
Dam autocorrect, yeah Amstrad.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 15:24
I found this the other day, similar Pico 8 but in Python.

Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 15:53
JSE's all you really need!
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 18:51
Thank you for all of the feedback.

@TRG I was not trying to have a go at you, I thought I was missing out on one of those cool old computers that you guys had that never really made it over here, and if they did were not as popular. However, it turns out we were talking about the Amstrad which was one of those cool looking old computers that never made it over here. LOL

@Jay I have followed your progress on JSE and this may sound weird, but I am really proud of you for what you have done with it. You are a great coder, but there is a huge difference between doing something like JSE and a game and especially doing something like JSE and having decent performance. You have really done an awesome job on it.
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 20:02
Hey @Kuron - I know dude, no worries
Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 20:20
You know what's really odd...

.. I totally read Amstrad, there, and didn't notice the error until it was pointed out!

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Sat, 23 Oct 2021, 21:52
I always thought the Amstrad looked like the coolest little system ever, although the tape deck was probably just as unreliable as all of the others.

The tape deck for my Tandy CoCo 2 was actually pretty reliable when I found decent tapes. Regular tapes would crap out, but before he would go into work, my Dad would do dictation. He brought me a box of the dictation tapes and they were good quality tape, but only 15 minutes long. They never crapped out on me. My theory was the normal tapes, even if it was a high grade one, just with 60 minute tapes, or longer, the tape is thinner and would stretch which normally is not too noticeable for music listening, but for computer data, it was super sensitive to any fluctuation on the tape if it stretched, etc.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021, 02:13
The Amstrad tape deck was pretty reliable. I had mine for four years+ and only near the end did I ever have to mess with the head alignment (which was easy as the CPC had a hole for a small screwdriver to do the job). If I'd just bought new rubber belts all would have been good again.

And yeah, the quality of the tapes had a definite effect on whether I needed to fiddle with the deck or not.
Sun, 24 Oct 2021, 04:52
That is super cool. I would have so loved one of those back in the day.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 06:41
The PICO-8 Is great and I've seen people do some crazy stuff in tiny space on it, it's really awesome!

But the one thing that holds me back from the virtual consoles is the virtual-ness of them. Since getting hooked on retro console development I've found it to be much more satisfying to see a game I've coded / in-process on an actual console.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 13:36
My original goal was when I got the studios setup and all of my old stuff unpacked, I would simply do programming for my HYDRA. However, situation as it is, I am walking away from the majority of my belongings including all of my old computer-related stuff.

The PICO-8 looks ideal. However, I am not exaggerating when I say I can barely see the PICO-8. Sucks getting old and not being able to see well.
Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 14:01
Not getting old sucks more, as you well know
Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 14:06
Indeed. I ordered this to put on my desk:

Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 14:08

Mon, 25 Oct 2021, 16:11