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Socoder -> Hardware and Technology -> Apple Event - Sept 2022

Thu, 25 Aug 2022, 06:39

Apple event sept. 2022

The 7th of september. Apple wil show new iPhones. Maybe new watches and some tv things? iPhones wil get that always on screen it seems.

iPad's wil probably be shown in a next event later that year.

The iPhone this year wil only have better cpu's in the pro and max versions. This according to rumors.

No idea if a new os wil be released. The last update broke my audio. I can sometimes not listen to music while reading social media.
Thu, 25 Aug 2022, 09:55
Last time they took away the earphone socket, this time it's rumoured they are taking away the screen.

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Thu, 25 Aug 2022, 10:19
Apple TV with M1? That might be nice.
... not sure what I'd use it for, mind. Still haven't upgraded to the 4K model.

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Wed, 07 Sep 2022, 04:17
Apple Event happens tonight at 6pm UK.

The event is titled "Far Out" suggesting either a hefty new zoom on the camera, or perhaps even the first hint at their AR Glasses?
Not sure.
Rumours suggest the notch is getting split up into multiple lumpy bits, which I honestly think would look worse, and be more noticeable than a single notch. But who knows..

New OS's are lovely, btw, been using them all (Mac/iPad/iPhone) for a good while, and apart from one odd quirk on the iPad, I've not had any issues.
Thankfully the Stage Manager now recognises the "Reduced Motion" setting, so I can now use it for more than 5 minutes without the constant "lovely" visual swooping making me want to throw up!

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Wed, 07 Sep 2022, 12:39
They've made the notch a little bit smaller, but then used the OS to create a bubble-like interface around the notch, for notifications and the like.
Looks really quite good, and I guess if they're not willing to "under the screen" things, then this a nice way around it.

48mp camera on the iPhone14 Plus. Crikey!

And, otherwise just watch and AirPods. No iPad, no new Macs of any sort.. odd...

They also didn't unveil the iOS16 release date.
I expect there'll be another event soon. .. maybe..?

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Wed, 07 Sep 2022, 12:45
The new ipad was said to be released next months show.

There was not much this time. The health functions on the iwatch are getting better every year. But the battery life makes it unusable. That needs to be a month or so.
Fri, 16 Sep 2022, 12:51
The iPhone 14 compared to last years model is 200 euro more expensive. I was just looking at my go to dealer.

I expect the iPad to be more expensive too. Inflation.