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Socoder -> JSE -> JSE Tweaks - 2023

Tue, 28 Feb 2023, 12:38

JSE Tweaks - 2023


Latest version is v.3ggq You may need to refresh.

The Const command now works mid-line. It previously didn't. I don't think anyone noticed, though.

DegToRad and RadToDeg are now both in the engine, for whenever you need to convert between the two.
JSE uses Deg natively, because .. Why wouldn't it!?!


Very minor update. There's now a default dot, in Symbol 0.
Drawing over Symbol 0 removes the dot, but for the sake of being able to use ThrowParticle and Starfield without having to create a Symbol 0,"" line, I figured it'd be nice to have a default.
I'm now wondering if I should create a default spritesheet.. . Or indeed multiple default sprite sheets.
Not sure how quickly I could load those.

Oddly, in Firefox (MacOS edition) the engine has become SUPER slow at drawing the symbols to the sprite sheets. I honestly have NO idea why this is happening, but it's alarmingly slow.
It seems fine on Windows, but .. If you start to see it on your browser/setup of choice, be sure to let me know. Ta Muchly

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Sun, 23 Apr 2023, 17:42
Latest version is v.3ggt (As per usual, you'll likely have to refresh it, first)

The past few games I've made, I've ended up using a "loading screen" of sorts, and I figured it might be nice to turn that into a command.

LoadingBar Percent, Text, Style
where Style can be Plain, Twirl, Arc, Triangular, Slinky or Ribbon.
Percentage should be a value between 0 and 100. (and will clamp down if anything beyond those.)

If you just want the animating effect without having a loading percentage, the animated effects are designed so that giving a 0 percentage will still achieve a nice animation.
(Except for the plain bar.. Can't really do much with that!!)


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Sun, 23 Apr 2023, 22:41
No classic tape loader screen?

Oh. Edge has been getting Super slow with pixel manipulation. A old game with those fire and smoke effects turned into a slide show.
Mon, 24 Apr 2023, 01:30
Aw, shit, Edge too?
I know Firefox got weirdly slow loading Symbols, lately.
I'll have to see if I can figure out why that's happening.

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Fri, 08 Sep 2023, 05:42
OK, I've finally got around to fixing the slowdown with Firefox, today.
I had to switch from "Rectangles to build up Symbols" to "Write to array, blast array at the canvas"
Which should also help Edge when drawing Symbols, too.
Not sure how to avoid the Rectangle slowdown in general, though.

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