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Created : 11 January 2018

#350 - Don't You Want News, Baby?

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't You Want News, Baby?

#350 - Friday 12th January, 2018

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; Hello World

As the Framework work begins to slow down, I guess I'm nearing a distributable point.
There's still oodles of little bits to do, as well as the major task of getting iOS and AndroidTV ports to work, but I'm fairly happy that Win, Linux and Mac are all fairly competent, and I'm ready to start thinking about what games I can start to write in the new Framework.
First up appears to be JNKPlat, which I alarmingly already have a tilemap working for, even though I'm really trying hard not to actually start working on that game, just yet!
It's certainly going to be interesting, having to redraw practically ALL of the tile sprites to fit the new style, but I can't afford to be lazy, here.
The job should be done properly, or not at all.
Like the leap into C++, a new JNKPlat should focus on rewriting the rules, and creating a brand new adventure, without breaking the overall feel of the game.

It'll still be JNKPlat, but it'll hopefully look a little more fleshed out than usual.

Oh, god, I'm going to have to make a really complicated menu system for this one, aren't I..!?!


; Lighting Up

JM2Bits has returned to let us know of the improvements in his Light Map editor/renderer.
Sure looks complicated, but hopefully it turns out to be a useful tool to have.

; All the Commands

Commands to open files. Read from files. Write to files. Close files. Append files.
Integers, Bytes, Strings.
It's all there.
C++ is awesome.
Unless you actually want to list a directory, so you can FIND the files..
Then you're on your own.


; Monkey2 Update

Mark continues his work on Monkey2, adding hashes, 3D examples, additional keycodes and more!

; Meanwhile...

Wasted seems to have gone offline. The domain hasn't been renewed, and now all roads appear to be deadends.


; All the Retro

Steve nets himself a retro bargain.
All the reads!

; All the Updates

GfK's Android phone gets an update. Now it's only one version out of date. \\o/
All the fixes!


; Mini Basic Board

Fed up trying to wrestle with Arduino's odd language?
Wouldn't you prefer to just Goto 10?
Now you can, with this handy little mini BASIC-based prototyping board.

; 'Fantasy Consoles'

Consoles that don't exist, but that people have created emulators for, so that you can code games that run on multiple devices.
I had this idea a number of years ago, but in my head I planned to make something that was actually decent spec'd, and ran at a half decent resolution, and had modern features.. because.. .. You know.. It's not 1982 anymore..
I never did mine, though, so at least they get points for having got off their arses to do it.


; Goto Poundland

At Poundland you can grab a cheap £1 mousemat, a small piece of fabric and one of those £1 sewing kits then order yourself a cheap Qi compatible charger off of Amazon and get sewing.
Job done.

; Where's My Pudding?

Man saved by sausage.


; Little Keys

8-Bit Keys looks at some keyboards for kids.

View on YouTube

; Nail Polish

What’s the best type of nail polish?
Clive finds out.

; The Piano's End

The end of a piano is only the beginning, for Andrew

; Musical Interlude


; Buyer Beware

Evil bastard clones a KickStarter

; Touchy Feely

LGR gets touchy

; SolarFale

When solar goes horribly wrong!

80s Cover Corner

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VGCover Corner

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