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Created : 21 June 2018

#371 - Don't Worry, Be News

Weekly Newsletter

; Don't Worry, Be News

#371 - Friday 22nd June, 2018

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Every Friday, Watching Barry making a cake


; Hello World

It's quiet.
There is no noise.
In the morning, the noise will begin again.

As I struggle to deal with all the noise from the House Repointing, I'm finding it alarmingly difficult to concentrate on any coding.
Tuesday I drew a Space Invader sprite.. It took me about an hour.

The constant whizzing noise of the thing that you call the big tool that digs out the stuff wot holds the bricks together... Thing..
That. It's really loud, and it's echoing inside my head in a way that must be related to the odd hole in my head.
I dunno.
I can't think straight.
It's all wobbling about in there, and I'm really struggling!!

Anyway, it looks great so far, and with the recent new windows in place, it's all starting to feel like the "Big Jobs" around the house are more or less done.

All except the landing window.
That's still ye-olde single glazed!


I'm rambling. Sorry..

Looky.. house nice!!



; Pakz' Island

Fed up of living in the real world, Pakz has decided to generate his own little island.
Hopefully there are some trees in there, or he'll never be able to hang his hammock up.

; Wrapping

Wrapping numbers around a numerical limit.
.. why so negative!?

; Cobra

Have any memory's of the "Blitz-Beater" Cobra?
There's the thread for that!


; Scribbles of Dan

Dan posts code that generates lovely scrawls all over the screen!
Due to wrapping, the scrawls it generates could conceivably be used as wrappable textures/repeatable backgrounds.

; Pieces of Dan

Dan's decided to post some old sourcecode for various abandoned projects/tests, and is making it into a nice big thread.
Why not have a play with Dan's Code-Doodles!


; Petit Smile

Smile Basic/Petit Computer, depending on which version you've previously used (if any!) is coming to the Switch.
It's basically a small computer emulation that gives you a powerful Classic Basic to write games in, and run them on the device.
It's already available on DS and 3DS, and this will be the first time it'll be on Console (as far as I know!)
So far it looks like it might be Japan only, but I'm hopeful that the Switch's lack of Region Lock might help bring it over quicker.
.. Maybe.

; Long Lasting Print

How well have your keys retained their lettering?
And what sort of keyboard do you have?!


; Chunky Audio

Google's decided that the default Audio tag isn't quite chunky enough, so have made it bigger and chunkier, in their own design, with big old rounded edges.
This is a "standard" html tag that is supposed to be skinnable by css, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to turn the stupid fucking oversized padding off, or get rid of the rounded edges.
This basically means you're looking at none-standard HTML code, and .. really.. I think that's a VERY very bad thing, as it makes it really difficult to know what your resulting html will look like....
... And that's the whole fucking point of having standards..

; Answers

Steve finds a video full of those "Answers that children wrote in their homework" sorts of things.
The cynic in me can't enjoy these, and is constantly thinking "My handwriting's just as bad as that... I could EASILY fake those!!", or "I bet Dad told the kid to write that".
Insert Victor Meldrew's catchphrase here.

SoLong, Functionality

Oh, hey, the EU have decided that newspapers have free reign over the internet.
Now every single page on the entire internet will be behind a fucking paywall, because dicks are dicks, and us folk who like to actually read information are just a bunch of theiving bastards.

If I ever need to make a "Only ever link to your own content, or sites like the BBC, so's I don't have to edit/manage every single sodding link" then quite frankly that's rediculous.

They say the Fat Cats get fatter..
Well, I'm lacking in exercise and I eat a lot of noodles....
I'm coming for you, Fat Cats!!!



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; Tank

Save us!!

; Clap Along

You should know this one!

; New Social Media

The next new big thing, after Facebook and Twitter.

; Training Kitties

How to train your Cat

; Demolition

Destruction to all who dare build towers.

; Potato

How to make the perfect Jacket Potato

; Cheap Floor Tiles

Can’t beat a penny!


; Household Tips

Only the best household tips need apply.

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; Cake!

A cool cake.


; PMJLive

Scott Bradlee hosts a live PMJ music performance.

View on YouTube

; Standup

Andrew Santino

; Album

A whole entire album of 80s style NewRetro

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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And, of course..


VGRandom Corner

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