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Created : 03 January 2019

#397 - Happy News Year

Weekly Newsletter

; Happy News Year

#397 - Friday 04th January, 2019

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Every Friday, Honest!


; Hello World

Welcome to 2019.

Coming Up

Britain hits the switch that block all imports and exports, and have to survive on nothing but Cox's Apples for the rest of their existence. (est. three weeks)
Microsoft hit the switch that block all exes except those on their Windows Store, detroying millions of games around the world.
Apple hit the switch that blocks all low-resolution game icons, which now have to be redrawn at a new higher resolution of 32,768x32,768 pixels.
Google hit random switches that block random parts of the web, seemingly at random, because every site contains at least 42% Google Code.
And Twitter just plain continue to destroy their own website, because apparently they don't understand the point of it.

All to look forward to over the coming months.

Put on your hard hat, and watch for falling debris.
2019's coming to get us all!


; Rest Period

The site's been a bit quiet over the past week.
All creativity was used up during the Advent of Creativity, and now we're all a bit worn out.

Over the course of the month, I coded stuff as usual, Shroom_Monk learned a new skill and moved into a new house, Pakz chipped in with the odd musical treat, and Rychan created some lovely artsy bits and pieces.
Also, Rockford's game turned out quite nice, too.

It was quite a fun experiment, and although I'm sure a competition would've proved more popular, I don't think it would've spurred the regular visitors as much as bring in new folk "just to win a prize"
As such, I feel it was a lovely little community event, and it's definitely something I'll be revisiting next year.
.. Someone remind me to do that!!

Thanks to everyone who joined in.


; What We Did

A roundup of the chaos of 2018, as we all post the things that we did over the course of the past 12 months.
It's certainly been a busy year.


; Flapping with Choons

Rychan adds a music player to his NES version of Flap Happy.
Everything's better with Choonage!

; Installing Bloody Java

Spinal is battling the evil forces of Oracle, as they try to tell him his freshly installed JDK is out of date.


; Emulation on Android

Spinal searches for a frontend on Android that neatly packages all his Emulators together, and gives him a lovely menu full of roms with big artwork and things.
Is that a thing?

; Pool on Switch

Jay spends more money on another shitty Pool game on Switch.

; End of Creation

Jay's journey with the monthly electronic build, CreationCrate, comes to an abrupt and disappointing end.


; PiiWii

Guy hacks a Wii into a little portable device.

View on YouTube

; Tetris Theory

Why are humans getting better at Tetris?

; WD40

Forever Handy


; Bizarro Trek

View on YouTube

; Musical Leaves

Andrew can play ANYTHING!

; The Shortest Train

Geoff and Vicky take a ride on the shortest train journey, on the shortest day of the year.

; Music Club

Emma starts a new thing on her channel.

; Duct Wars

Which is Better?


; Mathopoly

The maths of Monopoly

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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