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Created : 10 January 2019

#398 - Cruel News

Weekly Newsletter

; Cruel News

#398 - Friday 11th January, 2019

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Every Friday, Popping more noodles.


; Hello World

Another quiet week at SoCoder. I think everyone's still exhausted after the Advent of Creativity.
My mind's been stuck in a weird "Anything but creativity" zone for the past couple of weeks, and as much as I've been trying to write the first AGameAWeek of the year, my head's been fighting against it.
Instead I've been playing Switch games, enjoying plenty of Netflix shows, and generally being a lazy shit.

Maybe a whole month of daily creativity wasn't actually such a great idea, after all..?


; Musical Pakz

Pakz continues to learn the ins and outs of his Korg Kronos Keyboard, but there seems to be a slight fault with it.
Hopefully it's nothing too major.
In the meantime, he's been posting musical snippets as he goes.

; Waving Members

Kuron recently said hello in my email inbox. He'd been alarmingly silent for about a year, and I was actually starting to worry, but he magically popped up, and said all is ok'ish!
That's good enough for me.
The spawned thread is full of old members we'd love to hear from, but never do.
Perhaps I should do another round of "Tracking Down", to see if I can get anyone to pop their head up...


; Pringle Flavoured Noodles

Not the best flavour they could've chosen.
Twenty minutes later, and I can still taste that sour cream flavouring at the back of my throat. Eeeuw..

; Clang...

Deep Space radio communications are picked up..
Steve reckons there are pink furry moon creatures involved!
Beware the Soup Dragon!!!


; Peow Peow

Desperate to do anything other than coding, Jay picks up another new game for his Switch.
StarLink seems OK on the surface, but actually ends up feeling a lot like a jumbled randomly generated mess.

; RISCy Bisniss

The Explaining Computers.com Youtube channel features a look at RISCos running on an RPi.
Spurred on by this, Steve decides to give it a whirl, himself, and learns all about incompatibilities!!


; Pringles

How to make a can of Pringles

View on YouTube

; Canyon


; Round Ireland

Geoff and Vicky are doing a Kickstarter go fund an All The Stations : Ireland!
My Mum's looking forward to them visiting Larne, her hometown.

; Wasteland

Map icons can be hard.


; Stock

Where DO all those stock photos come from?

View on YouTube

; Boyle Back

In what is obviously a very staged event, Susan Boyle makes a return to the Got Talent stage.


; KidsTV..

I got pointed to this YouTube channel by the official BBC DangerMouse channel, so.. seems legit!
A few classic Kids TV shows, clips and full episodes of some of your favourites.

View on YouTube

; Is It Real?

A panel discuss the realism of a photo.


Richard Herring interviews Jenny "The Vixen" Ryan and Lucy Porter.
But which of them has a third nipple?

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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