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Created : 04 November 2021

#541 - Blue Sky News

Weekly Newsletter

Blue Sky News

#541 - Thursday 04th November, 2021

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Every Thursday, Steering the direction of the ship.


Hello World

As things started to get a little too political on the site, I've asked everyone to try to steer clear of the subject for the next short while.
It's been said a million times or more that Politics and Religion don't belong on a coding forum, but a few fairly important/innocuous topics crept in, and before I realised, we'd become a forum full of doom and gloom, and things were erking onto the dangerous side of cheerful coding chat.

But topics about this week's Climate Change conference in Glasgow, and the thread about Videogame Violence are both fairly important threads, so I've opted to leave them open, or at least for the time being, anyway.

There was another thread last week, too.
Let's not let this get out of hand.

Code a game, write some music, build a gadget.
Do things, be creative, and post about good stuff, then we'll all be happy once more.
.. Even if the planet is pretty much fucked.



Rock-it, Man

Pakz gets back to some pixelart, and creates some lovely little rocks.
A bit of polish on those, and you could pass them off as gems!

Love2D Love

TheRevillsGame gives Love2D a go, which is a 2D Gamedev library for Lua.
You can try out his open-source platform game example, and as always, leave your thoughts in the thread.

Playing Cards

Jay creates a fairly small tileset+generator, to build up a deck of cards in sprite form, using SmileBASIC on Switch.


Kuron's Place

Let's all meet up and have some pizza!
.. or maybe not, as Kuron's no longer within range of his favourite pizza place.
He is, however, considering buying himself a new vehicle, to get around town.

The Reverend's Place

Mike Hall finds that his house is no longer his home, after someone buys the house literally from under his feet.


The Climate Change Thread

The politicians, and otherwise important/rich folk from around the world, have gathered in Glasgow to all chat to each other, and try to come up with a few ways to save the planet.
Reminds me of that episode of Stargate Atlantis!


How was your halloween?
Let us know in the thread, then prepare for tomorrow's onslaught of explosions, in memory of the guy who tried to blow up parliament.
Three cheers for Guy Fawkes!


Amazon Woes

Rychan has some issues due to Amazon not being 100% foolproof. Three months, though? Geeze, I'd've lost my rag after a couple of days... Maybe not even that long!

Shame and Despair

One forum member has brought great shame onto the site.


No Added Pressure

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Musical Interlude


Follow Me


Commercial Break


Musical Interlude




Musical Interlude



The Germans

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The Robots




We had this last night. It was lovely!

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Police Academy


Amstrad Corner

ChinnyVision vs Clarkson

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80s Cover Corner

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MovieCover Corner

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VGRemix Variety Bucket

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Cool Spot

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