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Created : 13 January 2022
Edited : 13 January 2022

#550 - Strong News

Weekly Newsletter

Strong News

#550 - Thursday 13th January, 2022

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Every Thursday, battering myself over the head, trying to make sense of why I'm still doing AGameAWeek, after all these years.


Hello World

Spent some time making requesters, menus and templates for GotoJSE, this week. Alarmingly difficult, as always, because I had to try and do it all using CSS, and my CSS skills are approximately none-existent.
Still, I somehow managed to make a vaguely half-assed couple of boxes, so I think that's .. probably.. ok.

I swear, if I had even an ounce of art/design skills.
.. At the very least, there'd be a set of default Symbols to use.

.. Awww, nuts.. Gotta do that, now, haven't I?!


Making Maps

Pakz has written this lovely little Map Generator to build random maps.
Now the questing will be endless.

Pakz also tried out an alternative maze making method, which makes more, what I would call, pen+paper style mazes.

All in the Name

Steve finally settles on a title for his ice-sliding puzzle game, then makes a nice looking title card, and begins rejigging the rest of the UI to fit the new style.
Amazing how one little change can transform the style of a game.


Sounding Board

Ingame sound effects can come from many different places.
What's the most unique sound you've created for a game?


Magazine Archive

There are now more than 30,000 of your favourite old computer magazines archived at Archive.org


Free'ish Ableton

Jayenkai subscribed to a magazine for the first time in his life, and got a free Lite edition of Ableton for his troubles.
It's not the all-powerful music tool that he'd have liked, given it's a Lite version, but it'll at least come in handy for some things.

*Jay previously didn't subscribe because either..
A : He was a child, and therefore didn't have any means to do so.
B : He worked in an off-license that sold magazines, so didn't need to subscribe, since he could claim issues before they even went on the shelf!



A little dodge game.



Over on Twitter, @Gnyonpix created a new hashtag, #1Loop1Life.
Create a single loop of music in your DAW of choice, then using only the abilities of the instrument/DAW, and the solo/mute buttons, try to get the best melodically result that you can.



No Job?

In need of a job, but can't find anything to suit?
Why not try...

No Heart?

In need of a heart, but can't find a dead person to take it from?
Why not try...


The Dalek's New Weapon


View on YouTube



Tweak the Volume

If it's too loud, simply turn it down.

Musical Interlude

Caravan Palace


Fresh Prince Reboot


Back to the Future

Tom Scott looks back at a 10 year old prediction video, then makes a new prediction for 2032

View on YouTube


A Little Bit of Toast

How EPIC can the expensive toaster be?

View on YouTube

Wind in the Willows

The first few episodes, re-edited back into a feature length version.

Outdoor Pursuits

Across Wales 3: Part 3

Will GeoWizard and his friend make it?
The journey continues.

View on YouTube

In Conversation

Peter "Monster Munch Soup" Baynham

View on YouTube

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube

Bonus TV Cover

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

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