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Created : 20 April 2022

#564 - Maniac News

Weekly Newsletter

Maniac News

#564 - Thursday 21st April, 2022

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Every Thursday, Plotting Notes and Melodies


Hello World

After spending the past few days trying all kinds of alternative mod trackers, I've eventually given up trying and just decided to use Octamed v4.

That CUAmiga coverdisk has certainly stood up to the rigours of time, and the sheer amount of Med files that are scattered across my hundreds of floppy disks is a testament to that.

I also have an Octamed v5 from Amiga Format.
Quite what's going on with v5, I'm not sure.
It's like they decided that having their own nice looking GUI wasn't very "professional" so tried to redo it all using Workbench GUI stuff.. But Workbench GUI stuff doesn't quite have the functionality that a self-designed layout can have, and all those nice little tiny buttons ended up being giant chunky thing, reducing the functional screen area down quite a bit.
Let alone the proper lack of right clickable elements.

I remember back in the day feeling like v5 just didn't "feel" very Octamed'y, and having tried it again this week, I'm inclined to agree with my teenage self.
I've also had a play with the newer "SoundStudio" edition that I have on a downloaded CUAmiga CD, but that's even more in the direction that v5 took.
Not a fan.

So, yeah, I'll be sticking with v4.

Thanks, CUAmiga!
Issue 51
May 1994


Boosty Bees

Rychan continues to add the new functionality to his Bee Happy game, and gets it working nicely for two players.
With only a few Kb remaining to squeeze things in, how much can he cram into the game before it's ready to go?


AndyH has been experimenting with the possibility of making games using Microsoft's PowerApps tool, which is supposed to be used for making quick little Utility apps and things.
Give a coder a fish...

Flapping Start

Although Jay should probably still be building up the functionality of the Amiga version of his Framework, he's instead leaping ahead and making a version of Flappadiddle for the system.
Something's going to leap out and ruin his day, but so far things seem to be flowing well enough.


Cycle Helmet

Spinal wants a hat for his bike, but do they even make them like how he'd like it?
Sounds like it's time to take those Coding/Electronic skills and rework them into a whole new world of Crafting!


40th Anniversary Mixtape

For the ZX Spectrum's 40th birthday, why not treat it to a fine selection of games.

Apple Flavoured Lemmings

Apple II to be more specific.


Whoooooo Boy

The Easter Special of Doctor Who went down about as well as a fairly hefty brick.
When Rich Hutson's review starts off with mentioning how good the Lion King was, which was on before the special, you know it had to be something really really magical.


Where do these quirky phrases come from?
PHS stumbles upon "Knocked for Six" for the first time, and a thread emerges.


Porridge Pots

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They'll kill us all!!

Run for your life!!!

Commercial Break



Telling your parents...


Week On!

Mike's back, in a new house, with a new Week On!

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Adam watches Adam


The History of CGI

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Dog Names

How many Skylabs?

Outdoor Pursuits

A Trip Into the TV

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Rather Old Cover Corner

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More Recent Cover

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz Popz

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