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Created : 28 April 2022
Edited : 28 April 2022

#565 - Material News

Weekly Newsletter

Material News

#565 - Thursday 28th April, 2022

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Every Thursday, Reinstalling LHA for the umpteenth time


Hello World

I released Flappadiddle on the Amiga, this week, and it seems to have mostly gone down well enough.
Someone from Aminet got in touch to let me know that the version of LHA I'm using (from a really old CUAmiga disk) has a bug in it.
Known as the Y2K11 bug, the older LHA format can't quite handle dates after the year 2011, and bumps them all back to 1980.
.. Great use of that Battery Backed clock, there, Jay!

A bunch of patches have been created, and I'll now have to figure out how on earth to get those working on the Amiga.

Oh joy!
Please excuse my 25+ year gap in Amiga knowledge!!!



Friday Night's Alright

Rychan has a rather productive Friday night, sending in a preview version of Bee Happy to Mega Cat, which I think we can assume is going to be the publishers of his upcoming NES game.
Meanwhile, he also had some "exciting" news for Flap Happy, but hasn't told us what that might be.


Spinal asks : Can Blitz3D handle ports?
Maybe you know more about the DLL stuff than I do. I very rarely touched anything on the DLL side of things.

Connecting the Ports

Spinal starts to put two and two together, to make sixty four.


Playing is fun!

What have you been playing, lately?
VR and Switch seem to be the top choices.

Sonic Again

Sonic 1,2,3&K and CD are being remastered once more, and re-released for the thirty millionth time.
The ports are being handled by members of the Sonic Mania team, though, so they should definitely be a little more interesting than previous versions.
If you played the Taxman remakes of 1,2 and CD, from the past 5 or so years, you'll be on familiar ground.


The Turtles return in an all new arcade-style side-scrolling beat-em-up.
It's looking exactly like the sort of game you'd play with your friend during a camping trip to Wales back in the 90's.


Picomputer ZX

Now, if this isn't the cutest ZX Spectrum you've ever seen in your life, then I don't know what is.


A Mention!

A seemingly random link in the site's referrals leads Jay on quite a trawl to figure out why people were suddenly visiting AGameAWeek.
Eventually he found a video, uploaded to YouTube in 2017, of a GDC Talk from 2014, in which the presenter "MMO designer Raph Koster" mentions AGameAWeek as a great example of imagination and creativity.

... I'm not sure I'm still a good example of that, nowadays. Feel like I'm just doing endless SpikeDislikes.


Happy Anniversary

Rockford and his wife celebrate their 29th Anniversary with a walk on the beach.
Happy Anniversary!!



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The Anteater?



Take Your Cabbage Pill

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Bashing the Bishop


Lovely Pussy


Ident Parade

Applemask takes a look at the new BBC logo

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Indoor Pursuits


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Older Cover Corner

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Newer Cover Corner

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Cyber Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz HipHopz

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