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Created : 14 July 2022

#575 - Borderline News

Weekly Newsletter

Borderline News

#575 - Thursday 14th July, 2022

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Every Thursday, Watching as the Update bar finally reaches 100%, only for it to then tell me there's another 10 updates that have suddenly become available.


Hello Windows

Over the past few days I've been resurrecting an old laptop.
The Lenovo Z50 was my very first laptop back in 2014, and though it's had more than enough usage from me, had another life with another family member and back, it's eventually been sat in a drawer for the past couple of years.

It's now getting ready to head over to one of my aunts, where, hopefully, it'll last a little bit longer than her previous systems.
It'll be a shame to say goodbye to the system, but.. Perhaps we'll cross paths again, in the future? Who knows..
.. Jay Tech Support will no doubt get to see it in about a week, once a myriad of viruses have taken control.

Having spent the past few days digging through Windows stuff, I'm not sure I can now go back.
Windows is now feeling like IT is the "Think Different" operating system, with functionality that feels oddly out of place.
In recent months I've been stuck on a Mac, but also fiddling with Amiga's Workbench, and also trying out a bunch of Linxusixesues.

In previous years I've thought of MacOS as "That odd one that does things wrong", but ..
.. No, it's Windows..
I'm comparing all four, here, and the weird one is definitely Windows.

How unexpected..!


Spinal Smile

Spinal continues to poke and prod at SmileBASIC on Switch, in the hopes of maybe ending up with a playable something on the system.
He's currently trying to get a game up and running, and is also considering compiling a finished game that may even be purchasable on the eShop!
Will that happen?
Who knows.
For now, he's drawing cards!

Javascript on iPad

Pakz has been doing more reading, and is now attempting to get some Javascript Gamedev working directly on an iPad.
So far it seems to be going fairly well for him, which is great.
Only a couple of years ago, when I tried it, the whole ecosystem made such a thing ridiculously overly complicated, but in the short time since, iPadOS has come along in leaps and bounds, and the tools available have greatly improved.


Win11 Laptops

Rockford and Spinal both get new Win11 laptops!
Are they nice?
What are the pitfalls?
And how noisy are the fans?
All this and more, in the Win11 Laptop thread!


Cat Game

A printable game that you can play with your cat..?


Jay makes a list of all the VST instruments that he currently has installed for Ableton, but these should also work fine on other things, like FLStudio on Windows, and more.



Are videogames art?
This one is!
A new puzzle platformer for the ZX Spectrum and the MSX, with an incredibly gorgeous art-style, especially given the constraints of the system.
You can even buy the game on a lovely colourful cassette!!


Jurassic World : Dominion

Rockford spends a couple of hours enjoying himself as he watches the best movie in the world, ever.
Just not this one.

Neighbours Ending

Neighbours is still ending, and Jay's attempting to get into it, so he can enjoy the ending.
Now sure why, really.
Shane Ramsey's just appeared as I'm typing this, (He's the one who went on to be in The Flying Doctors) and he shot Paul Robinson in the arse with a champagne cork.



There's a heatwave going on, and sleeping schedules all over the land are getting screwed over by the big giant evil orb of plasma.
Have you been coping through it all?
It's supposed to be even hotter on Monday.

Take care, everyone.
Stay Indoors.
Stay Safe.
We'll get through this together.



Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day has been and gone, and Jay bought himself an extension lead to plug things in at the opposite side of the living room.
Crazy times!!
Did you pick up a bargain in the "sales"?


Singing in the Bathroom

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Musical Interlude






This video promises "secrets" of the M1. Will it deliver?

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KITTesla Kontinues

Retro Recipes continues his tiring work on converting a Tesla into KITT


TV Times

Can Johnny Foreigner figure out which are the real BBC shows?

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Outdoor Pursuits

Getting High

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Wheelie Getting High


In Conversation

Dominik Diamond

RMC chats with GamesMaster's Little Helper

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80s Cover Corner

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90s Cover Corner

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TVChoon Discussion

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VGRemix Corner

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