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Created : 13 October 2022
Edited : 13 October 2022

#587 - News Loopy

Weekly Newsletter

News Loopy

#587 - Thursday 13th October, 2022

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Every Thursday, So much to do


Hello World

As of writing, I still haven't watched Little Shop of Horrors yet.
Only just catching up on the Quantum Leap Podcast as I write this, and have (as of writing) barely added any YouTube stuff.
Kinda tempted to wimp out and skip a week, but .. Keep going, Jay. You'll get there!

(*Spoiler* : Jay got there..)

Where did the week go?
.. Oh yeah, No Man's Sky.




AndyH introduces us to P5.js, a sort of experimentation sketchpad for writing little javascript test things, learning how to code with Javascript, and maybe make a few more complicated games and things.
Is it as good as GotoJSE, though? That's the big question.
It at least has error messages, so .. yeah.. better.

Pico Building

Rychan attempts to craft an audio kit of sorts, using a Raspberry Pi Pico, a speaker, and a wibble detector.
What could he be crafting?
... Honestly, I think it's best not to ask.


Lego Plant

Rockford finalised his wonderful Lego recreation of Audrey II, from the Little Shop of Horrors.
It moves and everything!
Meanwhile, Rychan's had to drop out due to complexities in the Flapping department.


The Gas is On

It's getting chilly in Britain.
Dare you turn on the heating? Or do you leave it off until it's REALLY cold?
Give us your tips for staying warm during the freezing cold nights.
Bonus points if they don't cost a fortune.


CPC Compo

Over at CPCRetroDev, they're preparing for their tenth Amstrad CPC Gamedev Compo
If you've made anything for the classic 8-bit, you can submit your entires between tomorrow, the 14th of October, and Wednesday the 2nd of November.
You'd better be quick figuring out how to do that, then!
There's cash prizes to be won, and epic Amstrad'ing to be done.


JSE Bug?

A little thing I was coding the other day in JSE just plain didn't work.
For some reason one of my arrays just wasn't working, no matter how I tried.
I switched to sticking the values into basic temporary variables, then back into the array, but .. nope.
Tried renaming the array, still no.
Took me AGES to find the error.
I'd written "Bim Array()" instead of "Dim Array()"
JSE definitely needs more error messages.

.. Also the Question of the Day script is still frequently bugging out and posting blank lines into the forum.
So many bugs!


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Spirited Trailer



Who Needs A Time Machine?

The timeline is already warped enough.

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Save your Batteries

Nintendo's dirty little rumble secret

Outdoor Pursuits

Castle Master

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In Conversation

Ernie Hudson

Somewhat significant Quantum Leap *spoilers*, if you haven't yet seen Episode 4 of the new series.

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80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 13 October 2022, 05:54
Hahaha, it probably is best not to ask, well, not until it's finished anyway