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Created : 01 June 2023

#613 - Binary Glee

Weekly Newsletter

Binary Glee

#613 - Thursday 01st June, 2023

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Every Thursday, White Rabbit


Hello World

So, um, nothing much going on, here.
Zelda, I suppose.
That's something.
What else have I done this week?

I drew a Spike.
24 pixels worth of creativity.

I hope you had a good week, or as good as you could.


Cat Ears

Spinal adds some Cat Ears to his MaxFPS avatar thing, and, honestly it looks great!
He's animating well, looking around, and chatty as can be!
Go, Spinal!!

Cheap Laptop

CyanGames finds a cheap laptop and gives it a makeover.

What Have You Done?

The monthly (sometimes!) thread that asks what we've done, over the past month.
Have you been productive? Or have you been lazy like I have?
I really wish I'd planned a little bit further ahead, but .. Hey, what can you do?!


No Poke

There's no Creativity thread, this month. Ironically, I wasn't creative enough to come up with anything.
But I'm not the only forum member.
There's other people on there.
Why don't YOU come up with something interesting that can keep us busy, this month!?
I'll try to come up with something interesting, next month.
.. maybe!!



Since I didn't come up with a Creativity thread, I opted to let the QOTD thread continue for another month.
But it's on its last life, so be sure to give as good a set of feedback as you can, before the month of June ends.

(The new thread hasn't spawned at the time of writing!!)


Star Trek : Resurgence

Hobo lets us all know about a Star Trek game that somehow went completely under the radar for most of the forum.
A whole new Star Trek game!?
What's not to love!?



Pakz lets us know of a minimal AI tool that helps create Sprites, as opposed to larger forms of art.
Available as a plugin for Gimp and AESprite and more, but currently their signup page is stressed to insanity!!

Drag Your GAN

Another AI Art tool, this time taking an image, letting you slide an arrow, and then it tries to figure out what you meant.
It show things like people dragging a dog's closed mouth, and it rendering the same dog with an open mouth. Or dragging a picture of a car, and the AI redraws it at a different angle.
It's might impressive looking.


Unhindered Umbrella

A game about Platdude and an Umbrella.
What's not to love?
Float like your favourite British Nanny

Turbulent Vacation

A song about having a bad holiday.

Or is it secretly an autobigraphical song about being stuck in a chair all day and having nothing better to do?
.. hmm...


Important Thread of Importance

Brice tells us tales of woe, and asks us that we all get a check, just in case.
Prostate Cancer is not something you should ignore.

Podcast Section

Fraggle Talk : Classic

How well do you remember the first ever episode of Fraggle Rock?
Listen in as the ToughPigs crew start their journey, back where it all started, with a good look at the making of the show and it's inception.
Come and follow them.

Bonus Tube


Steve Coogan


Greenie's Poetry of the Week

In Manic Miner, Willy darts and runs,
Through caverns of colour and flashing suns,
Collecting keys and shiny gems galore,
Avoiding monsters and spikes on the floor.

With every level, the challenge grows,
But Willy perseveres, he never slows,
'Til finally, he reaches the final goal,
And we're left in awe, with a sense of soul.

Manic Miner, a game that's stood the test of time,
A true classic, ahead of its prime,
But even though we love to play,
There is no method to save our way.

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