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Created : 02 August 2018

#377 - Country News

Weekly Newsletter

; Country News

#377 - Friday 03rd August, 2018

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Every Friday, Looking Back


4th of August 2008
That’s when I bought the domain name AGameAWeek.com
10 bloody years!!

I’ve released 282 games (54% of AGameAWeek) in that time, which isn’t quite AGameAWeek, but is at least halfway there.
Although, if you include the sub-games (eg, advent collections are 26 games, each) it bumps that number up to just over 400 games. (About 78% of AGameAWeek)
Either way, "AGameOccasionally" doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

But this is no time to be transfixed by numbers. In fact it's probably time to realise I should probably have done something a bit moreinteresting out of this whole endeavour, by now.

I’m still squandering my skills on the ground floor.
100 OUYA Games (About 9% of the OUYA catalogue) hasn't gotten me anywhere.
It's time to focus, and come up with a bigger plan.

... or just keep making these silly games that people occasionally enjoy!


Yeah, I’ll probably just do that!!


; Pio Slots

Pio makes a little retro slot machine, and then everyone starts reminiscing about Amsoft Fruit Machine!

; QBert

Spinal's starting a QBert clone, but doesn't know where to begin.
Jay chips in with a subtle suggestion.

After that, Spinal suggests that Jay should probably put his AGameAWeek powers of quick-coding into some sort of useful place, and maybe throw a few tutorials online.
Jay would happily oblige if he didn't just cram everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) into damn near idential arrays, all the bloomin' time.
Probably best not to teach god-awful habits like that!


; Wet TShirt

Dabz has a day fit for that of an adventure game.

; Modern Technology

Spinal finds it hard to find a new job because computers, and lazy half-assed broken job-sites, continue to make things increasingly difficult.


; Vega Woes

The off-the-rail kickstarted Vega handheld Spectrum hits another hurdle, as SKY (The Satellite TV folk) have pulled permission for Vega to use the Spectrum/Sinclair branding.
I think that's probably the first time I've found myself uttering the phrase "Well done, Sky!", and not meaning that the clouds have opened up after a particularly lengthy heatwave.

; Go Mario, Go!

Spinal needs a plumber.
Could he attempt it himself!?
Stay tuned to find out.


; 300 Micro Disappointments

Jay finally gets to play WarioWare Gold, and .. isn’t particularly happy with the results.

; Generic Snake Clone

The Ronseal of videogames.
... or is it!?


I don’t know what this says, but it’s good!

View on YouTube

I’m not sure what this is either

; Confusions


; Bum


; Hey..?



; Gallium

More fun with Gallium

View on YouTube

; Realtime RayTracing


; Mental Test



; Accessing Information

View on YouTube

; Accessing Colour


; Accessing Sleep


Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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