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Created : 04 April 2019

#409 - News Embarrassment

Weekly Newsletter

; News Embarrassment

#409 - Friday 05th April, 2019

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Every Friday, Listening to a surprisingly large amount of 90s BritPop music.


; Hello World

And what joys will the month bring?
Fame, fortune, riches, exciting times and joy to all.

... or we'll all get completely screwed by whatever hell Brexit turns out to be.

If you're still around, pop on over and join in the "checking in" thread, and let us all know how life's treating you.



; FlappiNESs

As Rychan reaches the final stages of Flap Happy, he's posted a preview rom for us all to try.


; Choo Choo

Geoff and Vicky are off on their grand Irish adventure.
They're posting a daily video to YouTube, and if you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, you can occasionally catch them live, about 4 days ahead of the edited YouTube series.
Either way, it's a lovely trip around the towns, cities and outskirts of the Emerald Isle.



; 74HC595

Steve decides to do something, with a chip.
I can barely follow this thread, but it's all about sending and receiving data from a microchip.

I'd really love to be able to understand all of this, but my test electronic projects usually use about 8 wires at a time..
Steve's project apparently fills up a whole breadboard.


I can't imagine what that must look like.

View on YouTube


; Spinal's Foot

In honour of the upcoming 10th Anniversary of his world famous Venous Aneurysm Blog, Spinal's decided to bash his foot in, using a Sofa, so he can post a sequel thread!



Sleeper... One of the BritPop-era groups from the 90s, have just released their fourth album.
.. their last album was in 1997!!


; Bacon!

Stick on the tubage for the songalong

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Line of Music

A forgotten classic.

; Teal'c and O'Neill


; How Much?

For a headset??!

; Movie Trailer



; Beagles

Who dunnit?

View on YouTube



Richard's guest, this week, is one degree of separation away from Kevin Bacon.
.. but how big is the degree?

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube


And, of course..

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube




VGRemix Corner

Deep in a dark unseen part of the 8bit universe..

View on YouTube

A Melody previously unheard of..


It's like a parallel universe or something..


...I don't even!!!


Seriously, wtf???


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