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Created : 25 April 2019

#412 - Simply The News

Weekly Newsletter

; Simply The News

#412 - Friday 26th April, 2019

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Every Friday, Adding more and more Railway based YouTube channels to my ever-growing list of subscriptions.


; Hello World

Spent today going apeshit at caches and the ways that Apps and None-Apps differenciate between how they decide to check whether the cache is ready to update.
Seems that if you "Add to Home Screen" a webpage, on your iPhing, then it'll pretty much ignore any changes for about half a day, and there doesn't appear to be a quick and easy way to fix that.
It's been one hell of a frustrating day, trying to get things to work in a seemingly correct manner, but I'm still yet to switch it to "Live", as I'm not 100% convinced that it's even working correctly, yet.

Hopefully all will go well, in the next few days.
Either that, or I'll go crazy!
One or the other!


; Back to The Pebble

Spinal's looking to make some new features for his Pebble Smartwatch, but since new owners FitBit have seemingly shut everything down, what ways are there for him to achieve his goals?

; What We Did

The occasional topic where you can tell us all what it is that you've been up to, over the past few weeks.


; Pakz' Mum

Pakz' Mum gets into an accident with her motorized scooter thing, after seemingly attempting to reach Flux-Capacitor-worthy speeds..
Thankfully she's ok, with just a few bruises, but surely the little roadsters shouldn't be able to go that fast in the first place, should they?

; Bag Handles

Spinal wants someone to 3D print some handle grips for his bag handles. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get as the plastic tries its best to rip a hole through your fingers.
Unfortunately Jay still hasn't bothered to bring his 3D Printer back to life, and doesn't appear to be in any rush to do so, mostly because his attempts thus far have been mostly futile, and somewhat disheartening.
Can anyone else help?


; Happy Anniversary

Rockford and his wife celebrate their 26th Wedding Anniversary!
A very happy anniversary to them both, and long may the cake continue.

The "Traditional UK" gift guide doesn't seem to have a specific 26th gift, so the next big one is Pearl for the 30th.
Hmm...I've got just under 4 years to figure out how to make a SoCoder ball out of a pearl..


; Folds Up

The Galaxy Fold does exactly what it says on the box.
Fold it up, nice and neat, so it doesn't take up too much space in the bin.

; Chiplets

The Amiga used about half-a-dozen chipsets to produce the wonderful things that it could.
Then, somehow, we ended up with that Pentium II monstrocity, where a gigantically oversized pile of insanity was somehow the peak of excellence.
Nowadays, people are starting to realise that the Amiga probably got it right, and instead of having one mega-chip, they're padding things out a little.


People complain about paying a TV license fee, but this is easily the dumbest license I've ever seen..


; Charity Shopping

Fatboy Slim goes searching for samples

View on YouTube

; La Dee Da

What's the name of that song?

; Ten Green Bottles


; Musical Interlude


; Pea Interlude


; Musical Interlude



; Power!!

American bloke (Hopwood DePree?) buys his ancestral home, near Rochdale, and sets about rebuilding it back to its prime.
This is the most recent video of them adding electricity, but you can scroll back through his vids for an epic tale!

View on YouTube

Found via Martin's nosey at the building, where Hopwood DePree commented on the video.

; Musical Fiverr

Samurai Guitarist hires a group of musicians on Fiverr to help create a song.

; Musical Adventure

Andrew spends WAY more than a fiver, putting together this song.

; English Treats

TabiEats, two guys in Japan, taste test some proper British foodstuffs.

There's also this one, where they tackle a Fray Bentos


; The Mask

Slope's Game Room looks back at the history of The Mask, from comic to videogame and apparently a movie, along the way.

View on YouTube

; The Tights

The history of Superman 1&2, and just what went wrong..

; Have an Adventure

This weekend is Geoff and Vicky's Have an Adventure weekend. Take a train ride somewhere, and send them a photo of you having an adventure!
If you can't, why not have this adventure, instead.

80s Cover Corner

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Movie Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 25 April 2019, 04:28
$50 a year to have a burglar alarm?. After racking up many years of paying that, it would be cheaper to get burgled.

|edit| I wonder if Trump would abolish it if enough people sign a petition. |edit|