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Created : 22 August 2019

#429 - Stay for News

Weekly Newsletter

; Stay for News

#429 - Friday 23rd August, 2019

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Every Friday, It's not even Thursday. Why am I writing this?!


; Hello World

Exciting day as a man's come to change our plain 1980s Electric Meter to a Smart Meter.
Me and Mum are currently sat in a house without internet.

I can't fully describe what it's like, but the earlier mention of the 1980s is definitely ringing a bell.

It's a bleak desolate place, where the only entertainment is the music that was previously stored on your Laptop, Phone or Tablet.
I'm desperately searching for "Company" music that might be stored on my iPad.. ie, stuff that isn't 99% VideoGame Soundtracks and JPop!
And my Laptop battery conked out about half an hour ago, so that's no bloomin' good.

It's only a few hours, thought.
I can cope.

I'm not addicted to coding, or anything.
If I were, I'd have already grabbed the Switch and the Keyboard.
But I'm not even thinking about that...
Not in the slightest.


; Pakz' Pixels

More Pixelart from Pakz as he finds a nice book with lots of Pixelart Style lessons in it.

; Music of the Past

Jay rediscovers a love of MOD music, but he's a lot to learn/relearn.

; Bulking up the System

Rychan gets his spare parts, has to fix a couple of issues, and then builds a Frenken-PC!
But.. is it Alive!?!?


; Edge Chrome Beta

Microsoft released the Dev-Channel build of the Chrome Based Edge a while ago, and it's been my daily driver ever since.
Chrome has become the "Test, just in case" browser, and Edge is my default.
.. Crazy times!!
Anyway, the "Actual Beta" version is now available, so if you want to hop on board.. Easy as Pi.

The fact that it no longer even mentions Chromium on the Beta Download page is a rather telling sign.
Assimilation : Complete


; Switch Fuze

The competitor to SmileBASIC's throne, as best programming language on the Switch, is finally getting a release.
August 30th is the due date.
Powerful, with 3D and more..
..But only SmileBASIC gets AGameAWeek!!


; Diabetes

Steve is told his risk of Diabetes has been reduced thanks to his weight loss.
But that doesn't mean he should suddenly eat a great big bag of Jelly Beans.
.. So he should give all the Jelly Beans to Jay..


; Raspberry Plucking

Spinal is having issues with his C64 Mini, but is it something to do with the RPi itself, or is it the Linux version, or what?!
If you're knowledgeable about Linux stuff, perhaps you can help out?

; NES Coding

The wonderful "8-Bit Workshop" website used to only cater for Atari 2600 coding, but it's been bulked up a ton since it first appeared.
A recent upgrade has added NES coding to the site.
You can code in either C or Assembly, right in your browser, and have it emulated directly on the screen.
The web is amazing!!

Another Game

; Three Games Down

Twitter user @PaulMakesGames continues to Make Games!
This week, he's made a Sumo Wrestling game.

View on YouTube


; Musical Interlude

View on YouTube

; Useless


; Crazy


; Too Hot


; Andrew Plays The Pipe

This reminds me of the days when we first got the TechnoSound Turbo for the Amiga, and we spent days recording garbage and adding filters

; Being A Fiverrererr

Samurai Guitarist offers his services on Fiverr


; Starship Facts

The USS Dauntless

View on YouTube

; Egg Facts

The USS Chickenor

... egg?


; What the S?

What does it mean?
And where did it come from?

View on YouTube

; Man vs Wales

Part Five of the epic journey!

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube



TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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