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Created : 09 January 2020
Edited : 09 January 2020

#449 - Oliver's News

Weekly Newsletter

; Oliver's News

#449 - Thursday 9th January, 2020

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Every Thursday, fuck fuck fuck


; Hello Kids

YouTube's "Made For Kids" rules came into effect this week, destroying hundreds of features for reasons that aren't quite logical.

If a video is marked as "made for kids", it won't play in the background whilst you continue to search YouTube.

. ... because.. smeg knows!!

Additionally, "made for kids" videos won't show up in your subscribed notifications, even if you click the bell.

... because... smeg knows!!!

These are bullshit rules that YouTube opted to go with, just to screw everyone's channels a little bit further.
How nice of them.

I'm about 95% convinced that some of these rules have been made JUST so that people "prefer" to make Adult content, not Made For Kids content, and it's really screwing over a whole lot of people.
Typical bloody Facebook.. No, Twitter.. No, wait, who am I whinging about!?!

Let's declare war, and be done with it..


; What's the Big Idea?

A thread created to allow you to post those ideas that you never got around to making.
Free the best and the worst that you've got, and see if someone else can take things in a strange new direction that you'd never considered.

; Meet the Cast

Tricky post a great big list of the main characters from Dyrt.net.
With names, ages, hometowns and more, Tricky's put in more depth into each character than I usually put into the entire description of one of my games!

Site Decisions

; Saltbox

Word of the Week continues to be ignored and avoided by all.
I'll probably put it out of it's misery, then.
That's a shame. It was a nice idea, but if even I can't be arsed, then you know it's a bad thing.
Aw well.
Say goodbye, and pee into the saltbox on your way out.

; Radio Poll

Aaah, the frontpage poll. Currently being littered with hundreds of games you've never heard of, never mind not played.
Dan suggested it would work better with Radio Buttons, so I spent a short while tuning it into Radio One.
You can now safely select the titles of games in the poll without triggering a vote.

As always, suggest site tweaks, and I'll usually at the very least give them a try.

.. Well, most of the time..


; Gaming Stamps

Lemmings, Sensible Soccer, Micro Machines and Worms are all getting Stamps.
It's a RetroGaming Stamp Fest, with a heavy focus on our favourite Amiga games, as well as a few 8-bit games, and some Playstation stuff, too.
And for a change, it's actually the UK's Royal Mail that's doing the crazy stamp collection that every geek around the world is interested in, instead of always being Canada or New Zealand.
It's a festivus miracle!

; Foldable Laptop

From a great idea, to a really horrible looking idea.
A laptop that looks like a giant sized version of that Samsung phone that breaks all the time.
Yeah, sure. I'd love to pay over the odds to have my main system snap in half.
No issues there.. None at all..


; Snacks!

Rockford managed to get a whole new bundle of foreign foodstuffs to tastetest, and has already posted his first few days of experimentation!
Crazy Fish Snacks and more. It's what we all love to see, but never to try!!

; 3DBuzz Tutorials

3DBuzz have posted a ton of their video tutorials online for free.
Have a flick through the list. There's tutorials for coding, webdev, 3D modelling, pixelart and much more besides.
Personally, I prefer readable content, but if videos are your preferred method of learning, then learn away!


; Photo Crazy!


View on YouTube

; Don't Be So Negative


; Ostrich


; As sharp as ever!

.. maybe not, eh?


; RIP Tech

Tech that died in the 2010s

View on YouTube

; Crafty


; Crafty for Kitty


; Crafty for a Fiver



; Home of the Movies

LOL at the American trying to pronounce Warwickshire.

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

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Movie Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 09 January 2020, 06:27
@jay, I noticed the comment on your latest youtube track was disabled. Any video for kids do not have comment options. I wanted to compliment on the nice start of the song
I started doing a little composing in nanostudio 2 yesterday, remixing the imploder background song by paul van der valk. I put on of the 3 versions on youtube and it seems all my newvieeo's get auto set to adult. I also decided to keep using soundcloud as I have around 2 hours of space left there and they seem to not limit things anymore.
Thursday, 09 January 2020, 09:28
Comments can be posted to AGameAWeek. .. or I could start posting ALChoons to the weekly AGameAWeek thread roundup things..? That might work...