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Created : 24 June 2021

#522 - Where's the News

Weekly Newsletter

Where's the News

#522 - Thursday 24th June, 2021

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Every Thursday, Listening to Sonic Medleys


Hello World

Been trying out a new audio tool, this week.
Charles, over in the AGameAWeek comments, suggested I try out Amadeus Pro.
At first I found it a little complex, with simple CoolEdit tasks needing several buttons to complete, but after a couple of days I got into the swing of it.
It's not bad, if I'm honest.
If you're stuck on MacOS, and need a CoolEdit replacement, this isn't too bad.
Shame there's no Windows version to go along with it.

.. Why are there never matching OS pairs of the Really Good tools?


Sliding with Steve

Steve continues to build up his Sliding game, with a couple of more in-progress downloadable.
Give it a whirl, and let him know what you think.

Complete Strumming

Spinal's only gone and done it!!
Bill and Ted are now strumming perfectly, and are ready to be converted to a physical form.
He's now having talks with the makers of the Lenticular sheets to see if he can get a nice CD case made from it.
Good luck!!


RIP : Jason Kelk

Best known as the organiser of the Homebrew Section of RetroGamer magazine, Jason was hospitalised with Covid in the fairly early days of the pandemic.
He's been pretty much locked in the ICU for over a year, but unfortunately lost his battle, this week.
Our hearts go out to him and his family.


Product Placement

The sheer lengths that some companies will go to, just to get their products onto the screens, and the minds of customers.
A shocking find, from Rockford.
Product Placement is the worst evil of them all.

No McDonalds for Jay

The JustEat app, available on the AppStore, no longer appears to have Jay's local McDonalds available for delivery.
Instead, Jay had to install the Deliveroo app, also available in the AppStore, so that he could order from a nearby KFC's instead.
The chicken was great, tender and spicy, and the "chips" were great, with their skins left on. Yum.
But jay would still much rather have had a Big Mac and Fries with a luxuriously thick Chocolate Milkshake.


Pakz' Pad

Pakz has formalised his ownership of the new flat.
Now all he has to do is sort out the flooring, and then furnish it all.

Extra Sounds

Jay finally got around to adding a bunch of new sounds into JSE's library, thanks to a great collection uploaded by Sonniss.
He also added a bunch of new commands, this week, but appears to have forgotten to post about them to SoCoder. See if you can find them all, in the help file!!

Sonic's Birthday

Sonic celebrated his 30th birthday, this week.
They celebrated by having a huge symphony full of all of his best choons, played by a full orchestra.


View on YouTube

Inflatable Painter


Musical Interlude


Musical Horror


: Musical Interlude
With a Forklift


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An Epic Feline Tale

Otakupunk makes a new friend.

View on YouTube

A Disappointing Kickstarter Tale

Aaah, good old Peter Molyneux

90s Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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