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Created : 11 November 2021

#542 - News News News

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#542 - Thursday 11th November, 2021

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Every Thursday, Advent is only a couple of weeks away.


Hello World

Is it wrong to be thinking ahead to Advent?
But I have been for a good few weeks, now.
At one point I was considering making a big ALBum, full of TV Theme remixes, but having got 2 tracks into a collection, I promptly gave up trying.
I've also been writing little games using JSE, and that's going marginally better, so I think that'll probably be showing up over Advent.
.. Just have to code *checks* another 15 or so games. .. Should be easy!

But what could I do for the actual Advent of Creativity, this year?
For the past 3 years, I've ended up making little creative websites.
The Sprite generator, the Knitter, and the Testcard generators have ended up being a lot of fun to code during the festive period.
I think I'll probably end up doing something like that again, this year.
I honestly can't think of anything else..

Have you thought about what you're doing over Advent?
How creative are you feeling, this year?


Maze Enhancements

Steve continues to bulk up his maze game, and has supplied a nice fresh demo so we can try it out.
Give it a whirl, and give him some nice feedback.

More Games

Jay's so out of ideas, he's just gone and made bloody Solitaire again.
Gawd damn, Jay, you lazy git..


RIP : Dean Stockwell

Tragic news, coming just weeks after rumours of a reboot/spinoff/whatever Quantum Leap series had been circulating.

Dean Stockwell who played Sam's faithful holographic companion, Al Calavicci, in the show Quantum Leap, passed away peacefully at his home on Sunday, aged 85.

An actor for over 70 years, Dean had an insanely lengthy career, with over two hundred listed credits over at IMDb.
A fond memory of mine is his appearance in the Stephen King TV Movie : The Langoliers, or that time he popped up in Star Trek : Enterprise, with faux-handlink in hand.
What are some of yours?
Let us know in the thread.



RIP : Lionel Blair

From Give us a Clue, Name That Tune and more.

RIP : Terence Wilson

Astro, at one point, a member of a group which may or may not have been UB40. (The history of UB40 is rather chaotic reading!)


Apple vs Payments

The whole "30% Fiasco" has been brewing for years, but even Epic didn't win the way they wanted.
Either way, judges have rules that if they aren't going to open up the iPhone to Sideloading and alternative stores, then Apple should at the very least let people pay via alternative methods for their Apps and DLCses.
Will this decision be the death knell in Apple's super secure walled-garden infrastucture?

Free Guy

My Mum didn't get into this film at all.


Coding Woes

Steve finds himself going crazy over the fact that when you fix one thing, and it breaks another dozen or so things in ways that you couldn't possibly have ever predicted.


New Year's Resolutions

TKS posts an update to his NYR success, letting us know just how much weight he's managed to lose in the interim.
Great going, TKS!

(B)Advent Calendars

Rockford's got his calendar ready,, but isn't saying what it is.
Let's hope it's super awesome (/crap), and shows off the best that a classic festive Badvent calendar can bring.
Meanwhile, Jay's ginormous Degusta calendar got delivered, and it's roughly the same size as last year's was.
Slightly worried it might end up being a bit too similar to last year's.

And, what's this?

Will there be a third calendar combatant, this year?!


Sabre Wulf


Dots in Variables


10 Liners



Meow, grrr

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The Making Of


Suited Up


Boxed Up



Truckin' Everyday

Joe gets more Semi work done

View on YouTube

Is anyone else obsessed by this series, or is it just my recent Knight Rider re-addiction that's keeping me watching it?


Making an Album

Orla makes a documentary about making an album

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80s Cover Corner

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Mashup Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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