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Created : 10 March 2022

#558 - Oh, What a Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

Oh, What a Newsletter

#558 - Thursday 10th March, 2022

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Indie Bundle

Over on itch.io, they've put together a bundle of games, and are putting all proceeds towards a Ukrainian donation.
If you want to help out, this is a nice way to do so.


Hello World

Spent all week playing and tweaking and fixing and breaking and upgrading the A600 bit by bit.
The drive's now functional, and all is good. The main issue now is that the system's ram is crapping out, with the weight of a Compact Flash driver, fat95, and more, all dragging it down to incredibly low levels.
It is only a 1Mb machine, after all.
I've ordered a 1Mb expansion card, but AmigaKit haven't dispatched it yet, which is slightly worrying.
Meanwhile, then, it's just a plain little Amiga sitting here with not much going on.
Everything (and I mean pretty much everything) seems to crash whilst trying to load, expecting a whole 1Mb space to be available, and crumbling when it realises it's only got about 600kb to play with.
Bah, humbug.

Still, at least Octamed works.. That thing's a beast!!!



Textures vs Maths

Afr0 has some complicated issues with maths.
Textures are fun!

Gamifying Tragedy

Can you really make a game out of anything?
Afr0 really wants to know.
Maybe he could make a game where you have to fight bears, using a machete?


Looking Back

Jay reminisces about his shitty time a full decade ago, and Dabz remembers his divorce.
Let us know some of your low points, too.
Aaah, a cheery thread!

Dabz's Chimney

Dabz has an issue with his chimney.
.. That issue is his neighbour.


Paleto Jones

Can you rescue your Uncle?

Get the Gems

Steve finds a Boulderdash clone. But is it good?


Epic Bandcamp

Bandcamp got bought out by Epic Games?!
.. Oh god, now Epic Games have my PayPal details! AARRGGGHH!!!

Extra Polls

AndyH has been submitting more polls, so those oughta keep us busy for the next short while.
If you'd like to submit some polls, you can do so via email or PM or whatever.
Please do, because otherwise we'll end up going back to my crappy polls again!!




If you'd like to submit your own 40x25 mini game, check out the Box-Coding thread.


Unexpected Sunrise

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Musical Interlude


Musical Interlude

Rick Astley sings the F-word.

Musical Interlude

How did I never know that the start of the video for a-ha's second single contains the ending of Take on Me?

Commercial Break

The most epic quest since your previous quest




Bacon Fakin'

AtomicShrimp continues his quest to find the best Vegan bacon.

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Jigsaws Lie

The numbers don't always add up.


Jazza Does Music

Everybody's a secret musician!

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Crafty Persuits

DIY Shelves

Why didn't I think of that??!

View on YouTube

Adam's Giant Ball

... sure, ok, why not!!

70s Cover Corner

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Musical Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Got two hours to spare?

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