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Created : 11 May 2022

#567 - News Pressure

Weekly Newsletter

News Pressure

#567 - Thursday 12th May, 2022

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Every Thursday, Working on things from last year.


Hello World

The site went a bit JSE centric this week.
Sorry 'bout that.

I don't like it when I'm the only topic on the site, so please do discuss your own Programming/Creativity based topics.
.. Even if you're using my awesome JSE to make things

As we all get a little (lot) older, it's getting harder and harder to get into the coding groove. But that's ok, there's oodles of other stuff to do, creatively.
Just like the Advent of Creativity shows us, creativity can come in plenty of different forms, and whether it's story writing, music composing, arty artising, or whatever, it's good to have a discussion that brings out our better side, rather than endless RIP threads.

I like how the forum has somewhat disposed of a lot of those kinds of things, since I restarted a new main-RIP thread.
We're getting back to making and doing, instead of ranting and raving.

Keep it up!
And please do post anything you're currently working on, to stop the site from looking like "The Jay Site".


All About JSE

AndyH enquires about how reusable the JSE language is, and sets me off on a voyage of rebuilding chunks of the site, and creating an external "Player" version that (I've tested) can be uploaded to both GameJolt and Itch.io, which is handy.
I now need to tidy up a few bits of the main GotoJSE site itself, so that I can pop that up somewhere in a similarly reusable form.

More JSE

The origins of JSE are..
A ) I didn't want to make silly little scripted mini games without having some kind of silly mini game scripting language
B ) Pakz posted a Godot Script, and as nice as it was, it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how to run the bloomin' thing.
I felt that a simple online scripting language would solve both of these, and .. Why not make it as Blitz-like as I could, whilst I was at it?
JSE was the result, and a year and a bit later, I finally got around to replying to Pakz's post!


Language Comparison Code

I've written a fairly simple example program.

Setup screen
Load Image
3 shapes
3 images
a bit of text
and Dpad/Cursor controls for the text.

My hope is that we can get an approximate version of this to run on as many systems and languages that we can manage to, with the end goal being some sort of giant searchable database of languages. One which can help us select which language we might like to try next, or other such things.
Essentially taking what is currently the "Handy Dev-Tool Guide", and turning it into something much more viewable, because..
Maaaan, that is not a good looking page!!!

If you can code (and you likely can if you're reading this!) then pick a language/system, and chip in to the collection.
Post the source and give a brief overview of how to run that code.

Thanks for your help!


80s TV

PHS asks about the history of US TV being broadcast in the UK, and the topic spirals into a wave of nostalgia!


Ncuti Gatwa

The world welcomes its new Doctor, as Ncuti Gatwa steps into the shoes of the Doctor.
His first appearance as the Doctor will (I think!?) be in the next of the Specials, as Jodie is leaving thereafter, with Russell T Davies (from the hospital) taking over as show runner.


Pet Pics

Rockford, TheRevillsGames and Steve all post pics of their cavalcade of pets!
Jay eventually jumps in after finally digging out that really old photo of Molly.

Something Extra

RHLSTP 10th Anniversary

After a whole decade of RHLSTPs, Richard picks out some of his favourites.



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Musical Interlude



A Leaving Gift

Taran leaves Linus Media Group, and gives Linus a surprise gift to say goodbye.

View on YouTube

Barry Bakes Beans



Shutting Down the Scammers

.. temporarily, at least..

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Outdoor Pursuits

Dinosaur Sounds

RAWR!! (Honk honk)

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80s Cover Corner

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TVCover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Pakz Playz Popz

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Thursday, 12 May 2022, 01:21
@jay Did you put jse itself on itch.io? I could not find it there. But maybe you might want to keep traffic to a minimum. If it would get a sudden hundreds of users.
Thursday, 12 May 2022, 02:06
I've not quite finished tidying up the rest of the thing, just yet.
Hopefully it'll be d9ne in a day or two.