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Created : 08 September 2022

#582 - News on Me

Weekly Newsletter

News On Me

#582 - Thursday 08th September, 2022

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Happy Birthday SoCoder

SoCoder turned 16 this week. 16 years of rants and moans and the odd bit of coding inbetween.

I probably should've held off that new Question of the Day functionality a week, huh?
Could've claimed to have created a fun new feature for SoCoder's 16th birthday.
Instead, I had nothing.
And the birthday went off for another year without any fun new things.
Bah, humbug.
I suck at coming up with birthday ideas.

What's slightly more disappointing is that nobody else did, either.
At one point in the day there were 9 people on the site all at the same time, but nothing much was said other than the standard Happy Birthday.

The site's dying on its arse, really, isn't it?

Maybe we could do with a competition or something, but there's only about 3 or 4 people on the site who would have the time and energy to join in with it, and that just seems kinda pointless.

Suggestions are welcome for some kind of anything to help liven up the site.
Either that or we wait a bit and trudge through another uneventful Advent of Creativity..

You ever get the feeling that you're completely out of ideas?

I had that feeling about a decade ago, and it's not really gone away.
Bah, humbug.


It was also Shroom Monk's birthday, this week.
Pop by and let him know you're thinking of him, and his mushroom cake.


Critically Triangular

Jay more or less copied some old code from Issue 2 of Amstrad Computer User Magazine, and it draws triangles.
There's a ton of odd little bits and pieces in these old magazines, and Jay's probably going to be posting more copied code, once he can be bothered to flick through any more issues.


TheRevillsGames asks, when exactly did Windows start allowing none-BMP images for its desktop..
And can you help test the desktop-creation functionality in his latest project?
If you're running Vista, hop along and let him know!


Telly but Not

There's been a number of "Not on Netflix" recommendations in the Netflix Recommendations thread, enough that I renamed it to a more general "Streaming Recommendations" title, instead.
Flick through for some ideas for things to watch, if you're bored, or post your own favourites that you've seen recently.

Thumbing It

Rockford's thumb's status gets a nice update.
Amazing how fast his recovery is.


Apple Time

Apple did their big "thing" again yesterday, and if this bit of text suddenly cuts off without a link, it's because I started writing this on Tuesday and then forgot to update it later on Wednesday night after the event had happened.
That would definitely not be the first time I've done this, by the way, but nobody reads far enough to notice my quirky mistakes, so we're all good.


Pointless Commands

Jay added some kind of stupid dumbass 3D rotational maths stuff into JSE, this week, inspired by another of those Amstrad magazines.
Honestly, he's not really sure why he added it.
He hasn't done anything with the new functionality other than a test, and he can't think of anything else that he can do with it.
Truly a completely useless function.

Pointless Advent

Looks like Advent's going to be a bit of a dud, this year, too.
Brice's calendars are all but missing, and Jay can't find anything one, worthy of the insanity of the usual Advent thread.
Rockford also seems to have given up.
There may not be a Calendar thread, this year.

If you've spotted an interested Advent calendar out there, please do let us know.


Epic Dance Party

View on YouTube


Nandi on the Drums

Nandi plays at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concert

View on YouTube


Company Origins

View on YouTube

Blobby Pursuits

Blobby Blobby Blobby!

View on YouTube

In Conversation

Jason Alexander

View on YouTube

80s AI Corner

Take On and on and on and on

View on YouTube

80s Banjo Corner

Spin Round and round and round and round

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

TVCover Corner

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Thursday, 08 September 2022, 05:18
I reckon start early, Christmas Game compo, start time now, end time 1st December, any platform, but needs to have a Xmas theme to it. Orrr perhaps a Halloween compo instead?