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Happy Birthday, Pio

17th July 2022

Thanks! :)


Pixel Faces

12th January 2021

Reminds me of some phonebook portraits I made a while ago with Pixelesque (some basic pixel art app).


Happy Birthday, Pio

27th July 2018

Heey! Thanks a lot :D


Purple Martians

30th April 2018



Pascal - MIDLet Pascal

5th October 2010

It works in my emulator... But maybe you typed 1 2 1 and got D=0? That possibility is not covered by program.


Pascal - MIDLet Pascal

3rd October 2010

A modified example from MIDletPascal help...

program Testas;

var textFieldA,textFieldB,textFieldC: integer;
cmdNext : command;
cmdQuit : command;
a, b, c : integer;
D, x1, x2 : real;

function RealToString(r:real): st*snip*



3rd May 2010

Maybe we could have real-time game art workshop on Saturday.

Everyone could meet at the chat and start drawing things silly or not, that could be put in a game, and post them somewhere. 4-5 hours later, workshop would end, as people go to sleep.



Help with Image encryption

21st March 2010

It might be enough to mess up the images' headers. Like, add some value (and wrap if the value gets over 255) to each of the first 50-100 bytes. Then, somehow, unmess when loading...


Linuxes (linii?)

17th March 2010

Hmm. If you have 32-bit processor, you could try some distribution that is compiled for i686 (vs. Debian's i386). My experience is that it does run faster. So I'd recommend Sabayon! (I'm using Arch).

Or perhaps Frugalware, their team announced they wil*snip*


About the panels....

31st July 2009

You can somehow automatically generate these images with PHP [url=https://www.php.net/manual/en/refs.utilspec.image.php](docs)[/url]. Of course that's more work, but you'd have to do it just once.


Free Design

29th July 2009

Jennifer Diane Reitz has an idea for a board game/puzzle called [url=https://jenniverse.com/strangepowersmain.html]Strange Powers[/url]. She wrote the rules and made nice graphics and invites programmers to make it.
It's all copyrighted tho. Maybe you get*snip*


Free Design

27th July 2009

I had some dream with a game in it. It was pretty basic. Here's how it looks like:
I even managed to recall music [url=https://tesla.rcub.bg.ac.rs/~xpio/socoder/ex.it](IT module)[/url]. The blac*snip*


QOTD : Unlocking

23rd July 2009

I don't like it when the game is so open and lets you choose among all levels you have completed so far. I think it breaks the illusion of being the game protagonist. Same goes to having level editor in the game menu.
I'd keep level editor separate from t*snip*


(Un)real graphics?

12th June 2009

This is not so related - there are people who think they can [i]create reality itself[/i] using CG graphics!
A few months ago, I was contacted by some guy who wants to do it by means of careful synchronization of picture and/or sound, following certain ru*snip*


is pong un-cool

1st May 2009

Maybe Pang Pong: the ball gets a little bigger all the time, and when it gets big enough, any player can split it in two in Pang way, by shooting a spear through it. Any ball not returned counts +1 for the opposite player, but action doesn't stop until all*snip*


Socoder Logo

21st April 2009

Ugly but fun:


Maybe without additional letters, but animated, as a neon sign, showing one letter at the time, then flashing all twice :)



21st October 2008

I was so happy reading messages ppl left in the maze I made last week, till I got to this one:


no s
no e

Teleport damages rooms!



Time synchronization problem

19th October 2008

Oops, you are right, JL. It was 1/20000. And, thanks, Shroom and Jay, I'll think less realtime (or learn some assembly language).


Time synchronization problem

19th October 2008

For some weird reason, I wanted to make a realtime application that makes operations exactly 20000 times per second. To see if it's possible I made this program (in FreeBASIC):

Dim a As Integer=0
Dim As Double start, current, now

current = T*snip*


Desktops : Make 'em

17th October 2008

I made this a while ago but I guess it counts.


(useful for grouping icons)


#172 - The Maze Challenge

10th October 2008

Here's WikiMaze, where you can surrender your thoughts to oblivion.


Drawings by Lensi.



6th October 2008

Jay, You can plug some small headphones where microphone should go and speak through them. :P


QOTD : What are you playing?

4th October 2008

I was playing some freeware platformers:

[url=https://tomvert.free.fr/]Alex adventure[/url]. It is psychedelic and has nice music.
And also [url=https://ikiki.sokushinbutsu.com/himoji/game/nikujin.lzh]Nikujin[/url], by madman [url=https://ikiki.sokushi*snip*


#149 - The Logic Puzzle Challenge

6th May 2008


#141 - The Rectangle Challenge

8th March 2008

[url=https://tesla.rcub.bg.ac.yu/~xpio/socoder/entangledrectangles.zip ]Entangled rectangles[/url]. I used Freebasic :)

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