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Mon, 27 Jul 2009, 00:24
If your anything like me you have hundreds of hit project ideas everyday, but right now I'm a little stumped for good game ideas.

So how about we all share the many ideas we have no plan on completing. Ideas???
Mon, 27 Jul 2009, 06:48
I have some puzzle game ideas, but I bet you're sick to death of those already. I suppose you could take my old box stacking game and do something with it. Sorry, I haven't been very creative lately either.
Mon, 27 Jul 2009, 07:58
I had some dream with a game in it. It was pretty basic. Here's how it looks like:

I even managed to recall music (IT module). The black area is there on purpose, but I don't know which. Maybe the cyan-bordered window can move over it. You are the gray thing. The bright bricks are trying to get you directly. They move the same speed as you. Everyone moves smooth (no jumps). On every new level, there is a different background, and shooting is different. First you shoot small bullets in the direction you move, then 4 directions, then this situation on image, where you shoot left and right and drop a flickering, homing, slow ellipse occasionally, then something else. There is a map in the upper left corner, which can hopefully be turned off.

Further ideas:
Since this is influenced by Arkanoid gfx, maybe there should be destructible bricks, powerups (here, smaller pad is better) and even ball somewhere.

Mon, 27 Jul 2009, 08:25
I am SO out of game ideas, it's not even funny!

I'll restate my RTChess idea.

Decent size arena, each player starts off with regular chess pieces.

The arena is more like a landscape.
Green is grass, brown is mud, blue is water, etc.

Pieces are fast through grass, slow in mud and can't cross water.
Except for the gee-gee's, they can jump!

Scattered around the arena are Pawn Spawns.
If you place a piece next to a Pawn Spawn, then when the Pawn Spawn's counter hits 0, it Spawns a Pawn in your team's colour.

Get a pawn to a nearby stream to upgrade it to a different piece.

Rooks can be placed close by to create more solid walls between them. (say about 2 or 3 grid places)

You're dead if your king dies, but otherwise you're free to keep moving around, capturing opponent pieces, etc.

I dunno how well this'll all work when it's done, but I've had the idea in my head for YEARS, and haven't ever really done anything with it.
My biggest issue would probably be the network stuff, 'cos I suck at that!

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Mon, 27 Jul 2009, 09:57
I... I think... my dream-game might have been The Sims Online. Hence why I'm trying to remake it.
It just had.. everything.
You could make an avatar and talk to and interact with other people online quickly and effortlessly.
The interface was easy to use and intuitive (as per Maxis' standards), and the gameplay, while being repetitive at times (which was The Sims Online's biggest weakness) had some great features such as being able to play minigames online with your avatar while being at work.
In addition, The Sims Online was, I believe, the first online game that gave players the opportunity to design their own houses from scratch with tons of items.
Many traditional MMOs have tried to do that and failed miserably.
In fact, the unique houses was one of The Sims Online's greatest strengths, because you could jump around from house to house and you would always find some new house with unique features to it.
The two things that would have made The Sims Online better was a better graphics engine (which it suffered slightly from even when it was released) and the ability for people to make and share their own objects and maybe even animations (for avatars).

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Wed, 29 Jul 2009, 01:28
Jennifer Diane Reitz has an idea for a board game/puzzle called Strange Powers. She wrote the rules and made nice graphics and invites programmers to make it.
It's all copyrighted tho. Maybe you get a dinner with her and her spouses.
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Wed, 29 Jul 2009, 01:42
What about that MyGreatGameIdeas.com website we used for a WW a few years back? That might have some ideas on it...

|edit| Dunno where that 'great' came from... I think it was MyGameIdeas.com... |edit|

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Wed, 29 Jul 2009, 08:55
A survival game where you're a lone survivor in the middle of nowhere- no details why (Who cares?). You have one lifetime where the guy progresses in age (I dunno, 8 hours total play, or less if your guy gets diseased, or more- whatever again).

Things are randomly generated, and you can simply stay put for your life gathering food, or you can wander around for supplies. Catch is, there's a horde of surviving mutants. Once they know you exist, they'll hunt you down.

So would you simply be nomadic and stay on the run if you're discovered, or would you build a bunker and defend yourself? Remember: You only get one life.

The idea for this came as a hybrid idea between Crimsonland and Notrium- although Notrium made me angry since i was always out in the elements, batting away wildlife and soldiers. It was also spawned off of me learning advanced AI and OOP, seeing if i could make an evolving world. I made a small demo where you could build a base, and then watch the rather dumb horde slide/glitch their way to your tasty tasty blood through the walls.

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Sat, 01 Aug 2009, 21:01
I always wanted to make a Battle Royal game. For those who don't know, you will start as one of 30 characters with a random weapon (anything from a dustbin lid to a sub-machine gun). You have to travel around the island finding the other characters and kill them all. They will also try killing each other.

The different characters would also have different allegiances to each other. Meaning that depending on which one you start as alters which other characters will be enemies or allies.

Each day in game would last 1 hour. If someone fails to be killed within 24 hours, all characters (including yourself) would be killed. The intention would be that the game would only last 1 to 3 hours each time you play, but it would always be unique.
Sat, 01 Aug 2009, 21:33
JL, that sounds very interesting. In particular, the allegiances and how they would affect play. Eventually, the allies would have to turn on one another.