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Snow Worklog

10th June 2013

So, further Snow posts will be over at [url]https://snow.spifftastic.net[/url]. I'm going to try to write about it more regularly, including just keeping it as a todo list thing.



Snow: More Material Junk

12th May 2013

So, one of the big hurdles in getting my engine up and running was that I'm a picky jerk about just drawing squares on-screen to show things. This is a terrible habit, but I can't break it, so I've been working on trying to get various bits of the renderer*snip*



4th May 2013



Top-Down Shadow Hack

28th April 2013

(Note: copy/pasted this from Google+ because nobody reads Google+ and I'd originally shared it privately.)

So I had this brilliant idea for doing 2D shadows in a topdown thing. While I was playing Teleglitch earlier, or the beta demo thing for OS X anyw*snip*


Material Loading

26th April 2013



I Done Won A Thing

19th April 2013

Like a poet


Repurposing A Lexer

15th April 2013

Take some sad code and make it better



11th April 2011

Did a couple studies of Stephen Gammell's illustrations from the Scary Stories books today. Not a lot to say, so here's pictures:



iPad Skin

28th March 2011

A while back I posted some painting or other I was doing for my poetry portfolio last year. The painting never got used, so it's just been sort of sitting around. Anyhow, since I got an iPad 2 recently, I decided to order a skin for it and to have that p*snip*


Toothy Baby Timelapse

11th March 2011

It's a toothy baby


Oh Look, a Thing

13th January 2011

I made something again.


You know, there's probably an easier way to do this than posting blog thingies.



9th January 2011

A quick look at the ace of spades I'm making:


And on the card:


[b]Update, attempt #1 at the ace of hear*snip*


Some alien body thing

5th January 2011

It's not a dog


ZBrush Acquired

23rd December 2010

I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush. I got ZBrush.



Poetry Portfolio Stuff

9th November 2010

The fall 2010 semester is ending soon, and with it will come a number of things I'm obligated to do in order to pass classes. Some I've already been given the go-ahead for, others I'm somewhat in the dark on. My poetry portfolio is one of the latter thin*snip*


New Site Design (Janice)

9th September 2010

Because female names sound a lot better than male names


Blehblah Art

29th August 2010

While we're posting art...


Two Weeks Later

8th August 2010

Sorry, no zombies


Ascension for Android (and Disjointed Rambling!)

26th July 2010

Well, I just finished my first app for Android, a live wallpaper I'm calling Ascension.

You can view some pictures [url=https://www.appbrain.com/app/com.cower.ascension][b]here[/b][/url] on AppBrain, this is a [url=https://market.android.com/details?id=*snip*


Android Market Spam

13th July 2010

I've been working on a live wallpaper for Android for about.. a little under two days now. Not very long - it really doesn't take a lot of effort to get something to look nice if you know what you're doing, read docs, and happen to be an artist - and Andr*snip*


Something about a bad idea

3rd June 2010

While designing/coding the Nihilit UI toolkit (NUIT for short, since it's a lot more fun to call it 'the newt') there were various issues I was dealing with that mainly pertained to my rather bad experience writing GUIs. I'm actually pretty sure that even*snip*



8th May 2010

I'm bad at naming things.




8th May 2010

I recently got a copy of Mudbox 2011 (and Maya 2011 and Max 2011 and XSI etc.) through Autodesk's student/education thingamajig - basically, free student licenses for those who qualify. You should check to see if you qualify as well, since it's a pretty g*snip*


Eddy and Slothrop

13th April 2010

[url=https://boards.polycount.net/showthread.php?t=71882]#model_design is holding a challenge[/url] to make a low-res skin in a week or so, so of course I'm participating. Even better, it's skinning Bunker, so it's going to be fun.

Soes, so far I began*snip*


What Must Be Preserved

10th April 2010


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