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What Sundays were made for

24th March 2013

I made some progress today, I spent a couple of hours trying to remember how to program.

I then fixed the problems with the tile map.

I just couldn't use my brain. Must be something to do with Sundays, and not a drop to drink.

I eventually figure*snip*


So we start again...

20th March 2013

the last time? unlikely


Lets start fresh

27th February 2013

Deja vu?


A demo level

7th July 2011

[b]A[/b] demo level in the making
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I have decided to have some sort of direction to fuel creativity. I will try and get a working demo level out to show off the game and*snip*


Bitmap fonts

28th June 2011

im back at socoder


No more interface troubles

12th October 2010

I managed to sort out my interface troubles last night. I stuck to the text based entry for now, true it means I have to remember the flag values but there aren't that many (eight in total). I can now edit each cell's details like as mentioned above, fla*snip*


Slow progress

5th October 2010

Due to my social life catching up with me (4 birthdays in the month of September) I haven't even loaded up Cobra to code.

I have thought about it and what I want to achieve but its just getting time to sit down and code with no distractions or other pro*snip*


Some progress but not much

1st September 2010


During lastnights short coding period I wanted to release an engine test version and the map editor. You can get the file [url=https://solsticerpg.com/index.php?page=downview&fid=1]here[/url].

In the process of creating this release I ha*snip*


Smooth RPG tile map scrolling

12th August 2010

Carry on from MNCN


MNCN - 09/08/2010

10th August 2010

Today was a good day, I managed to get the player animation done and the Main Menu screen now works again.

I added a display for and the selection of individual layers in the MapEditor, this makes it a whole lot easier to edit a complex map without havi*snip*

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