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Created : 27 October 2009
Edited : 15 February 2012
System : Windows
Language : C/C++

Afr0 Messenger [Console Version]

The IM with a 'fro!

Afr0 Messenger 0.9.1
Afr0Messenger is SoCoder's only IM project, and has been rebuilt from scratch to support MSNP13. This time it is more faster, reliable, secure and smaller than ever before!
By switching to from a Windows based GUI to a console based GUI, I've avoided alot of threading issues, thus making the entire software more robust.
This change also gives me the opportunity to relatively easily port the application to the Mono framework!

Currently supported commands

/t Contact Sends a message to the contact. Can be a valid name or email address. Use URL encoding to reference contacts with spaces in their names (%20 is space). Offline messages are not supported yet!
You can now send messages to contacts by simply supplying their number as an argument! Numbers are assigned randomly when logging in.

/r Message Sends a reply to the last contact who sent a message to you.

/inbox Takes you to your hotmail inbox (presumably to the Hotmail login screen if you don't have a Hotmail account).

/setpsm Message Sets your personal message.

/refresh Refreshes the console. Displays the latest list of online contacts as well as the most recent update of your email inbox.

/presence Parameter Changes one's presence.
Available parameters are: NLN (oNLiNe), BSY (BuSY), BRB, AWY (AWaY)

Latest Update

V. 0.5 ('Operation Vodka')
Some changes to the network infrastructure from previous versions to make it more reliable.
Supports sending messages to other contacts, receiving messages from other contacts and getting invited to conversations by other contacts.
Also supports checking your Hotmail/Live/MSN inbox!

V. 0.6 ('Portal')
Contactlist and memberships file is now encrypted.
Added a new command for setting your personal message.
The program will now ask you to set your personal message if you haven't set it when the program is run. The personal message is cached.
Fixed a bug that occured when downloading memberships for the first time on a new account.
Added functionality to send contacts with non-standard email domains to the server so they'd show up on your contactlist. This feature hasn't been extensively tested yet, but seems to work.

V. 0.7 ('Porsche')
Added a new command, /r, for replying to the last contact who sent you a message.
Added colour to console output.
Added and tested functionality to support conversations with multiple contacts. To send a message to such a conversation, just do a /t to the contact who invited you (the first person to join the conversation).
Added UPnP for people behind firewalls.

V. 0.8 ('Diamond')
Greatly improved login speed.
Added email caching and live email updates.
Added a new command, '/refresh' to refresh the console.
Added Windows Firewall compatibility.
Moved account folders to %APPDATA%. On Vista and Windows 7, this corresponds to 'Users\\AppData\\Roaming' (usually hidden).

V. 0.8.1

Fixed some bugs related to the /setpsm command.
Fixed some bugs related to contact presence.

V. 0.8.2

Added alphanumerical hashing of email addresses for the cache folders.
Added a new /presence command to change your presence.
Fixed some more bugs and added a settings class.

V. 0.9.2

Fixed even more issues in dealing with reassembling packets.
Changed the encryption used to encrypt XML files, so that they are now encrypted with the user's password as a key.
That way, none other than the user with the right password can decrypt them.



Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 07:13
This is the third showcase for Afro Messenger, could this not be inlined with the other two?

As a user it also makes sense to see all versions in one showcase.
Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 08:49
Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 10:00

This is the third showcase for Afro Messenger, could this not be inlined with the other two?

As a user it also makes sense to see all versions in one showcase.

I don't see how? Three applications in one showcase is just confusing. Besides, this one is already better than the previous two in alot of ways.
It supports a newer protocol, is more stable and contains more development possibilities (I.E porting to different platforms, allowing for easier integration of other protocols because the codebase is more compact and concise, and inherently supporting more features that are available in the protocol like OIMs and storing your status until the next login)
Wednesday, 28 October 2009, 13:55
If it's better then just update the older one.

Also if someone visits the old Afro Messenger showcase they will think that showcase is the current version, not this one.
Friday, 30 October 2009, 02:55
Added new version!
Check updatelog for details.

Next update will most likely support OIMs. I'll update the other showcases to point to this one by then.
Sunday, 01 November 2009, 14:45
New version yet again!
Check updatelog for details.

Still working on supporting OIMs - it's taking longer than expected.
Monday, 02 November 2009, 04:47
Added a Linux tarball compiled with Mono!
No idea if it'll work on Mac OS!
If anyone could test it on Linux, I'd be really grateful!
Thursday, 12 November 2009, 16:13
Updated again!
Greatly improved login speed!
Saturday, 14 November 2009, 07:19
New update!
Tuesday, 24 November 2009, 14:32
New update!
Now you can finally change your own presence!
Friday, 09 July 2010, 06:45
I never thought I'd get round to it, but the summer's most unlikely update is here!
Check the update log for details.
Now more stable and secure than ever before!
Friday, 09 July 2010, 06:51
Afro, do you know how large your user base is for this program?
Friday, 09 July 2010, 06:53
Nice of you to release the source, Afr0 - I intend to play around with C# soon and having a real-world example application will be dead handy!
Friday, 09 July 2010, 07:16
mole: No idea!

Hobo: The source was always available at my site, just never included with the releases (because I forgot it).
To the best of my memory, the Linux version didn't work, so I linked to the sourcecode instead!