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Created : 19 January 2010
Edited : 19 January 2010
System : Nintendo DS
Language : Blitz Max

Munky Train 2 : Munky Tests His Engine

Help Munky test his engine, by pushing it as fast as you can!

Munky Tests his Engine : Windows
Munky Tests his Engine : Linux

Latest Update

The Obvious
Does it run (especially the Linux version!) and does it do what it oughta.
If anything goes “NO!!” then head into the “Files” folder, dig out Debug.txt, and let me know where it go up to!

Run the game, play with the settings (hit tab) and let me know your results.
Nice and simple, and should work, although fullscreen seems to be completely ignored inside the Linux version. Not sure why that’s happening, but for now I’m just going assume it’s the way things work!!

To change a key (although this game doesn’t use them, but it’s still there for testing!) open the options up, hover the mouse over the onscreen button and tap a new key. You can then hold that key to make the onscreen button glow. .. Or at least, it should!
And it’s name should be right, but it’s probably not. Let me know!
If you’ve got joysticks plugged in, those should define accurately, too, although they won’t yet glow as they’re hit, ‘cos I’ve not quite finished the joystick code, yet!!

The game should run fine, and the music should play, but I’ve never tried using Ogg before. If things go awry, let me know that, too!

Works fine?!
On the off chance that things actually work correctly, please please please let me know that, too! If I’m going to use this engine for the rest of the year, I’d rather be told that it’s working, than have to assume it might be!!



Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 10:13
I'm using Linux Ubuntu 9.10 Kubuntu Koala 64-bit system.

And it all runs fine and very smooth at the maximum resolution of my laptop (1366x768). No problems with the music or sounds either (only when switching resolutions for a brief mili-second, but thats normal)

The only problem as you've mentioned, is that the fullscreen option doesnt seem to work correctly, in that I can still see the title bar at the top, no matter at what resolution I set it.

The options menu looks great!
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 10:47
Very nice, I got a little over 47,000 on my second go.

But one oversight is that after you have played through you aren't told how much you scored. Instead you need to keep an eye on the score just as your running out of time. It should say on the main screen how much you scored after each play.

Also in the setup.ini it's saved that 'ESS=1 ; This is a slow system, and things must run a wee bit slower for it. Awww..'. I have a quad-core FFS! 4gb ram, a geforce 9800GT. It's not a slow system!!!!
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 10:53
Good to hear it's working so far!

Yeah the titlescreen's not finished, yet, is it!!!
I was working on that on Monday morning, then realised I'd probably better write a game, so the game, art and music were all done over about 30 hours, in panic-coding mode!!!

No name entry, no score display, no table, no escape menu, and other UI stuff, but they'll be done in time.
So long as the main stuff does actually work, I'm happy!
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 11:25
It doesn't work for me, I am typing in the text and normally about the 4th word it will just go red even if I'm doing it right. And at the point the spacing between the letters goes a bit hay-wire too.

In fact it always starts to go wrong with 'words' on the first line.
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 11:45
Type about half the line (enough that the bug's onscreen) then hit F11, and upload the files/screenshot.png
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 14:16
You know Jay, you could probably sell that one.
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 15:06
Oh farking hell I was typing the wrong text!!!!

It works now XD
Tuesday, 19 January 2010, 15:22
Spinal You know Jay, you could probably sell that one.
It needs more too it to be sold. But with more too it, yes I agree it could be sold.
Sunday, 24 January 2010, 06:58
Updated with better font, and more obvious flickering "Next key!" thing, and some other bits and pieces.