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Created : 29 July 2023
Edited : 29 July 2023

Mine, slime and monsters

Travel down into a mine, collect things, monsters await.

Play in browser tablet/phone/pc
I forgot to release the last game project on the showcase.

I ported the code into Javascript and made it work on tablet and phones with touch screen. Controller should work (?) too.

I have not spent a long time polishing. But made new gfx and spent time adding a couple of new features. There are some ai created icon gfx now to.

There is no real goal yet. Just travel down the mine from the village above. There are bats and dogs that lay eggs that spawn more bats and dogs. The bats can travel through the entire (proceduraly generated) level. At the bottom a expanding slime being grows until it covers the entire map. It has tenticles that can damage player and ai.

There is some mining. Various weapons like shotgun and grenades, a laser wall and turrican weapon.


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Latest Update

Started years ago in the Monkey 2 programming language. Initially as a map generator that got added to a platform game. Village / Tech / Mine / Monsters



Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:13
Nice little engine. I love the little bouncing grenades. Those are fun

Could do with a quicker way to travel upwards. Falling helps going downwards, but up is slow. Couldn't you previously jump your way up ladders? Or was someone else's game?! Hmm..
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:18
I think I wil add a portal device that teleports. Not sure how to do that yet as there is no real goal in the game yet. Nothing to do in the village yet and such. Maybe two teleport devices? Or a teleport button that jumps you back to the entrance of the mine?

Jumping up the ladder could have been possible before. But this would be kind of cheating?

I need to check the chatbot for information how to disable some of those ios browser features. The touchscreen activates a copy and paste feature in the browser. I have been hunting those javascript/html settings for hours.
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:24
Look up the preventDefault() command. You'll want to add that inside the touchstart, touchend and touchmove stuff.
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:26
I never seem able to get that to work. Somehow it does nothing.
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:56
Try adding...

And maybe switch the touchstart/etc to be like that, too..

That should do it.. Maybe..!

Also, you might want to add similar mousedown, mousemove, mouseup and mouseleave listeners, too, with similar preventDefaults in them.
Nothing wrong with going overboard!
Saturday, 29 July 2023, 03:58
I asked gpt. I now (again?) added the preventDefault to the top of the touchhandler function. At first test this seems to work on the phone in the browser. More testing later.

The tips here might be useful later on when everything comes crashing down again