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Socoder -> Wednesday Workshop -> #231 - The LCD Challenge

Posted : Wednesday, 09 December 2009, 15:10

#231 - The LCD Challenge

The Challenge

*unwraps present*
Ooh, Tetris!!
Oh, FFS.. Another crappy knockoff Tetris LCD game!

How very nice of you to have spent that whole pound in poundland.

That's a fantastic gift.
I bet the batteries won't even last a full game..

I'll treasure it.
I'll bury it.


In the bin.


Once you've left.

The Time

Wed 9th December -> Wed 16th December November, 2009
You have until this timer hits zero to complete your entry. For the record, that's Tue/Wed, midnight GMT*. (Although that's more frequently becoming "When I bother to wake up, on a Wednesday morning") Writing things that no-one ever reads is fun!!!


Wednesday Workshop is just for fun.
It's not meant to be a competition.
It's just for fun.
The best technique is to try to stick to a 3 hour schedule for building the actual game. If you have more time during the week, build the game up, fix bugs, add music/titles, whatever.

The Rules

You're free to reuse functions here and there, if it helps speed up your dev-time. Old art and audio, are pretty much expected, since we don't all have time to create fully working masterpieces within the space of a week!

Other than that, the main coding for each week's task should be pretty much created within the time allocated.

If you use other people's art/sound/functions, give credit where credit's due.
To enter, post your game below. If you can't find anywhere decent to host it, send it to Jayenkai@Gmail.com

Additional rules are available here.

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Posted : Tuesday, 15 December 2009, 03:14

Greenie's LCD Adventure!!

I took great care in ensuring all the sprites are cramped into the single repeating 64x64 pixel chunk, so technically this could indeed be reproduced as a real LCD game.

Unfortunately, you can hardly tell what's going on, so I added the Improbability Button that changes it from LCD to "WTF" and adds a bit more colour to the procedings.

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Posted : Tuesday, 15 December 2009, 04:20
If that's the biggest complaint about this game then that's pretty damn good enough for me.

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Posted : Monday, 21 December 2009, 22:48
That Black LCD game looks good.