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Posted : Saturday, 17 March 2018, 11:58

Amiga Forever

Since I started working on the Fire Power remake I though it would be a good time to buy legal Amiga Roms. There are several Amiga forever packages and I bought the most expensive downloadable version. This one cost me 30 euro.

I am suprised how good this emulator is. There are not many games included but the way the emulator works is prettty solid and featureful. The zipped msi package was almost 650mb. There are a couple of bugs though. Winuae is included also I think, but I have not tried that one yet.

There are a lot of settings that can be set and there is also a save state function. It looks also like changes you make are put inside special files. Every amiga rom ever (afaik) is included.

There are also modern amiga packages included. Walker/Amigasys/Aros that seem to have lots pre installed. Also the original workbench variations are present. I tried Amiga Basic and this one brought back memories(it was bad!) In several workbenches there are a number of emulators.(nintendo/c64 etc)

I spend the yesterday evening downloading magazine disks and various other amiga disks and experimenting. I found the disk magazine which contained blitz basic 1.60 and it seems to work allright. The Amos files that the original programmer made available seems not to work that well. I only got easy amos running. I probably need to spend more time re-learning how everything works.

As for games. I connected my joypad and it worked after selecting it. I played a couple of games of Fire Power to see if I could get a global idea on how to remake it.

I am not disappointed with the Amiga Forever software. I wil probably use this instead of winuae.
Posted : Saturday, 17 March 2018, 12:17
Last time I saw Amiga Forever, it WAS Winuae, but wrapped in an extra layer of GUI.

Has it changed?

''Load, Next List!''
Posted : Saturday, 17 March 2018, 13:26
I think it's just the same.