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Socoder -> Film + TV -> The Witcher

Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 07:20

The Witcher (series on netflix)

The first season is on netflix here in holland. I noticed a couple of review sites mentioned the series is good.

I put on the first episode and watched with my mum. The beginning looked a little bit amateur. Not the best fx and action and acting. The music did start to give it a nice feeling later on. My mum did not like it (10 minutes in) and I turned it off. Wil try and get into it at a later point.

I bought the 3rd game a couple of months ago in a sale, but want to play it on a newer laptop next year. The game is mentioned as the best rpg ever.
Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 13:00
I've completed The Witcher III and all DLC on PS4 - it truly is excellent; one of the best games I've ever played. It has so much in it and I loved just exploring the lands, which were truly breathtaking and constantly in change due to weather and time of day.

I want to see the series to see if it does any justice to the game; I can't compare to the books, as I've not read them - not my cup of tea. Funny enough I would have avoided the game too if it hadn't been a freebie with the PS4.
Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 14:27
I keep looking at that on the Switch eShop and being in two minds about it.

How long between starting, and getting to free-roam?

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Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 15:32
There's a brief training session and a couple of minor missions, but then you can pretty much go anywhere and do what you want IIRC.

However, you're not really going to want to as the storyline and dialogue is very engaging, plus if you go into the plains without skills, magic abilities and higher order weapons you will die. In this game you will die A LOT. I cannot emphasise how often you will die. But it's never unfair deaths; you always feel that you died because you fucked up, not because the enemies fucked you over.

There is sooooo much to see and do in this game; admittedely a lot of it is simple fetch/do quests, but they are generally so enjoyable that it doesn't matter. And then there's Gwent. I lost countless tens of hours to this simple card game. It's really that good. Every new card you find/buy enables you to play more games of Gwent to win new cards to engage stronger Gwent players. It's awesomely simple to play, but very deep and complex.

Honestly I've seen the vids of the game running on Switch and the blurriness etc. really didn't bother me in the slightest - the graphics still look great, the world is just as alive and nothing has been cut and for this to be on a Nintendo console is a massively big thing.

I'm tempted in getting on witch myself - just to say a big Thankyou to the original devs and those that ported it to the Switch. A game like this (and Zelda BOTW) shows just what an awesome little machine the Switch really is. I would say that if you've not got The Witcher 3 on any format then it is a MUST BUY.

Be warned though - one of my work colleagues can't play it due to motion sickness - and Jay, this may affect you.
Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 15:50
Hmmm.. that's probably not a good thing. (The motion sickness)
Is there anything interesting to do in the world?
Crafting, trading, fishing, cooking...?

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Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 16:02
No crafting of any sort really... Well, that's not quite true - you can craft weapons, spells and items, but not like MineCraft or Zelda. No cooking. No fishing.

Buying/selling however is a big thing. A massively big thing. You can scavenge bodies and ue/sell parts, weapons etc. to gain money and new items. You do have a limit with what you/your horse can carry.

But this isn't Zelda: BOTW - this really is both more and less - more RPG, more learning skills, less "fun time waste-ry bits." It's similar, but very different to BOTW. It's also a much more dangerous world than Hyrule and definitely more varied, as are the creatures and people you encounter.
Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 16:17
What I would REALLY love, is a 3D BOTW-esque game with added crafting.
Basically, if they took Ultima Online and mixed it with BOTW, I'd be in heaven.

Especially if I could also keep a journal in the game, then leave it in random places for other (online!) users to discover.
Maaan, I loved me some UO, back in the day...
A private "Sphere" server, our own little world, strange and crazy NPCs..
I miss that..

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Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 16:46
Well, if that's what you are looking for, you won't find it in The Witcher.
Posted : Saturday, 21 December 2019, 16:55
Glad I didn't pick that up, then