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Socoder -> Tubeage -> YT blocking ad blockers.

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Mon, 11 Dec 2023, 16:33
Content creators almost never see revenue from the ads, they get their revenue from donations, super chats, channel subscriptions and from their patreon accounts. All of what Google is trying to block from the creators.

As I said before (reposted below), Google is NOT losing money and is making record profits. Google needs to be broken apart by the various governments and split up.

Google made 279.8 billion U.S. dollars this fiscal year. The previous fiscal year, Google made 224.47 billion U.S. dollars. They are #2 in the world, for world-wide internet companies. Not only are they making record profits, those profits increased by 55.33 billion dollars just in the past year.
Tue, 12 Dec 2023, 00:49
I was reading news about Weird Al on his streaming income. He only gets between $ 200.000 to 400.000 for 80 million plays. I reccon one needs 8 million plays a year to be able to live a bit comfortable from streaming alone.

When looking at Minecraft streams I see live donations trickle in. The biggest streamers over on twitch sometimes got as much as 10.000 dollar donations on live streams when I was following.

As far as I know Youtube is still making a loss.for Google.
Tue, 12 Dec 2023, 02:56
It's almost like their advertisement based revenue model on youtube is flawed when you can get a better service for free and avoid another subscription service (arguably worse than freetube also) with freetube.

The real problem will happen when it is such a loss leader that it collapses entirely.

I don't think the other, smaller, video hosting services would be able to scale up to the level youtube provides.

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Tue, 12 Dec 2023, 09:34
Pakz: You are comparing two entirely different things. Weird Al is a musical artist. He gets paid per play of his song and it has nothing to do with ads. YT has licensing agreements with the major music licensing companies ASCAP, BMI, etc and YT pays those companies, who in turn pay the artists.

YT is actually the BEST with this. An artist gets paid MORE for their song being played on YT, than what they do if it is played on iTunes, Spotify, etc. Ads have ZERO to do with music royalties.

Not sure about online stuff, but with regular radio, once your song gets played a million times, your royalties double. Most likely does not apply to online stuff.

On another note, the extension I posted does NOT get by YT blocking, but it makes YT so much better if you are not blocked and works with pretty much any site playing videos no matter where they are hosted at.
Tue, 12 Dec 2023, 10:11
cyangames: YT would be sold before it collapsed and perhaps it could regain what it had, before Google bought it. YT grew only because MP3.com was sold and turned into a completely different product. Before MP3.com was the place for the community (and major artists) to share audio content and at the end video content as well. It was thriving before CNet bought it and destroyed it.

It is not just Freetube. DuckDuckGo Browser has a built in player for YT that does NOT have ads, there are a couple of alternatives to FT that work like FT.

Even if I was a paying customer of YT, I would NOT be using the default player. That extension posted earlier does a much better job.

Back in the day, I did subscribe to YT when they brought out Cobra Kai. I paid for a YT subscription and happily did so with the promise of original content. But in true Google fashion, when something gets popular and widely used, they drop it and it goes to the Google Graveyard.
Works for them as all the $$ invested in it ends up being a tax writeoff. Much like the movie studios that have had all of these movies finished and ready for distribution, they they have shitcanned and refused to release and are using for tax writeoffs, and the movies will never see the light of day and in the process it is tarnishing the reputation of the actors & actresses involved.

The minute they dropped Cobra Kai and their original programming, I unsubscribed and will NEVER be suckered into ever believing anything Google says again. Their track record speaks for itself.

It has not been useful as a search engine for many years due to the paid placement of search results.

Google is a business and as such they need tax writeoffs to offset their profits so there is less taxes to have to pay.

Sadly, ads have made the internet almost unusable. The people championing ads are the same folks who back when the WWW took over the Internet and the average home user started getting online, they were so new to things that they would subscribe to any email newsletter or sales pitch a company was offering just because they could hear their computer chime "You've Got Mail" and go read it and feel a sense of worth due to getting something sent to them, even if it was complete junk mail no different than what appeared in their real physical mailbox that they took immediately to the trash and never bothered to read.

I am guessing at some point, Google may be broken up. It certainly needs to happen, but dang, how do you split this one up and either force them to sell off parts or set parts up into a different and unconnected company.

1. Search Engine
2. Gmail
3. YT
4. Phones
5. Browser
6. ChromeOS
7. All ancillary services like Keep, Drive, etc.

That is probably just getting started, but everything is so darn connected it would be hard to split.

Now that people are being blocked from YT, and accounts can be deleted, you can no longer trust Google and even trust the email service as that will disappear if your account is banned. YT blocking may be what brings down Google, as people are pissed and are moving to other services for everything Google offers.

Personally, I have always preferred ProtonMail, but only have a gmail address to give to places I don't trust.
Tue, 12 Dec 2023, 12:53
Epic has won their lawsuit against Google. The jury has declared Google an illegal monopoly and listed several things they have done that are illegal.


This is just the first step. There is another trial underway in Washington, DC, where the likely outcome will be Google being declared an illegal monopoly in the search market.
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