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Socoder -> Tubeage -> YT blocking ad blockers.

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Sun, 29 Oct 2023, 08:34
Even for embedded stuff, I am copying & pasting the link into Freetube. For now, Freetube provides a superior experience to YT itself and simply works and is much faster.

I wish I had tried Freetube long ago, as even when I wasn't blocked from YT it would have provided a much better experience.

The only thing I miss is the "enhancer" for YT which allowed me to easily boost the volume.

There are rumblings that Anonymous is not happy with YT blocking people and are preparing to deal with the issue.

The problem is when YT is blocking people, they are blocking information from getting out, including life-saving information that is crucial in an emergency. Many emergency services communicate through YT.

YT by blocking people is only hurting the creators and costing them their income and livelihood. When you can't access YT and view content, you can't donate, pay for membership to the channel or send a super chat -- the main sources of revenue for most creators as most do not get shit from ads.

Loving Freetube and not having videos and such clogging up my browser. In my case being on a Chromebook, not only is Freetube a separate app, but it is running on a separate OS.
Sun, 29 Oct 2023, 21:48
Now YT is blocking emergency responders. Putting the life of citizens in danger.
Sun, 29 Oct 2023, 22:22
We must be on the same wave length, I literally just blocked youtube.com today.

Try yewtu.be
Fri, 03 Nov 2023, 19:54
Now, I am reading where people are not getting the pop up they are blocked. They are now shown the video, but pressing play does nothing and the start and end times are 0:00 and 0:00.

Stats are showing increased uninstalls of adblockers on Chrome, but increased installs of adblockers on other browsers. Not only are they making people quit using YT, they are apparently making people quit using Chrome.
Tue, 07 Nov 2023, 23:56

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Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 00:22
I hope the EU steps in. With the vast majority of previously free info only on YT and Google controlling it, and raising the price right before they instituted the blocking, unless Google is stopped, this will never end with Google.

They are determining the costs to access the content created and provided by other people.

Next year it could be $50 a month just to access YT, or $75 per month.

I seem to remember Google/YT having issues with physical attacks in their offices a couple of years back, and look at the reason for that. Now it is not creators simply NOT being paid, it is creators completely being blocked from their viewers.

Given how unhinged the world has become, I would not be shocked to see some major physical repercussions happening to Google/YT if they continue down this road. The economy is bad everywhere and when you are blocking the creators from earning a living and destroying their business by taking their viewers away so they can no longer donate, send super chats, pay for a membership to the channel, buy from the channel's store, etc, people are going to be pissed. Google/YT is destroying small businesses and taking away the livelihood for families.

Smart creators have already been using Patreon and are making money there, and smarter creators have been keeping a mirror at Rumble or other places so their viewers and fans can access content, as Google/YT is always trigger happy with deleting a channel for no apparent reason.

So glad this has happened before I got things set up. The only thing I need to do is switch from using Gmail for my email and I need to sign up for Patreon. I like Jack Conte (and his lovely wife, Nataly) but was never willing to give him my money. I AM NOW! Rock on, Jack!
Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 11:00
Amazon Fire TV is increasing ads and is now to the point "native ads are "right at the top of the FIre TV's home screen" and take "up half the screen."

I guess for the TV people have to use something like AdGuard DNS.
Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 12:31
I wonder how they make money out of the ads ?

I do not watch the ads (and if necessary i do mute the sound) and have no interest in buying the displayed items.

Youtube can get something out of the ADS only if the advertiser gains more customers who buy the advertised item.

I guess that no one is giving money for the advertisement display if, at the end, they do not gain anything from it.
Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 13:04
If the ads don't work, then the prices for the ads will drop and youtube will put even more ads to rais the same (or more) money.

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Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 13:23
I have seen prices of a click on a add for 110 dollars. There is really a lot of money in advertising.
Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 13:42
And who wants to watch 100 minutes of ads just to see a 5 min video on youtube ?
Wed, 08 Nov 2023, 13:53
Google TV is doing the same thing as Amazon Fire TV in the previous post, half screen ads.

Dunno as to YT ads. Spinal's view would explain why the ads have increased and there are so many. Inappropriate ads for children, inappropriate ads for anybody, malware in the ads. Not to mention depending on your internet access plan, you are paying for the bandwidth to see those ads.
Thu, 09 Nov 2023, 15:13
Facebook has, from now on, an option to subscribe (10eur/month) or to continue seeing ads ...
Thu, 09 Nov 2023, 15:43
Amazing that the man with the world's most punchable face thinks he is in a position to shake people down for more money.
Thu, 09 Nov 2023, 16:15
Gotta love that freetube though, honestly Kuron, my fave program on my laptop for chilling out to

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Thu, 09 Nov 2023, 16:36
Same here, So very glad I found a Linux ARM version to run on my Chromebook. I tend to use it more on the Chromebook than I do on my Windows machines.

Better and faster than native YT on any system. I just hope Freetube doesn't disappear any time soon. Really digging it! Also love the built in downloader.
Thu, 09 Nov 2023, 19:03
Google mulled offering paid-for no-logging private Search subscription

Antitrust trial exhibits signals Incognito mode isn't truly private
Fri, 10 Nov 2023, 03:33
Yeah, I decided to download a couple vids from there last night to help me with learning Japanese in my sleep, that way I can just play it back on another device whenever, wayyyy nicer than youtube premium even!

Web / Game Dev, occasionally finishes off coding games also!
Sun, 12 Nov 2023, 11:52
Toms hardware has a new article where they mentionYoutube might be facing criminal charges for adding those blocking scripts. This in Europe.
Thu, 30 Nov 2023, 13:33
OT, but not OT.


Have disliked Fuckerberg since he first appeared. I hope they really go after Meta!
Mon, 04 Dec 2023, 15:10
Worse for the extension makers, as Google is changing their policy on remotely hosted code, so updates to an adblocker now have to go through the web store.

Already updates to extensions can take days to weeks. Now, with everything having to be reviewed and approved via the webstore, you can easily expect it to take weeks to a month -- most projections.

So, Jay's Adblocker wants to release an update to block the new methods YT is using for ADs, but Google will delay the release of Jay's updates for a few weeks so Google has time to update YT's ads so they will get by Jay's update.

Mon, 04 Dec 2023, 15:21
Easy solution : Jay wouldn't code or use an ad-blocker.

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Mon, 04 Dec 2023, 15:40
Would not be so bad, if YT ads in general were not so inappropriate, or scam ads and often contain malware.

I am loving Freetube.

I was going to try DuckDuckGo browser in particular because it has its own player for YT videos, BUT, it is a Windows APP and you have to get it via the appstore. So... heck with that.

I can't put a browser on Linux on the Chromebook as Linux does not support hardware acceleration. But I have tried the Android version of Opera and kinda like it, even though the Android version is a bit limited.

So, on the first Windows machine I am rebuilding, I put Opera and I am liking it or at least getting used to it and I like the way the various AIs are integrated. VERY handy. Not a busy browser and although I ditched Opera when it adopted the Chrome engine, this version is not that bad. About the only thing not compatible with it, is Internet Download Manager.

The default adblocker in Opera seems really good, I wasn't seeing any before I installed any extensions and I purposely hit sites I knew were bad with ads.

Trivia... Blitz community's Shane Monroe AFAIK, wrote the very first third-party ad blocker for Opera back before it blocked ads.

I am thinking on the current Opera I may be able to get rid of Ublock if I am using Privacy Badger will have to see as Ublock does so much more. BBut the default blocker in Opera kicks butt.
Mon, 04 Dec 2023, 15:53
Out of interest, have you ever poked into YouTube/Google Ad settings? You can specify which categories you do/don't want to see.
Nowadays all I see is ads for Phones, Food and Drink, and compared to what I used to see, it's a massive improvement.
.. Still getting tons of unskippable Google Pixel adverts, though. Funny how those are ALWAYS unskippable.

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Mon, 11 Dec 2023, 12:31
Happily loving Freetube.

That said, I recently became aware of this:


I am not sure if this bypasses the videos or not. Kinda hard to tell because YT is so schizophrenic as it is. Several days of being blocked then a couple of days of not being blocked. *shrugs* Generally only watch via Freetube anyway.

Anyway, this certainly improves YT for when it is working and is interesting. I disable the predownload option, as I tend to watch some long podcasts, lectures and audio books.

@Jay You are missing the point. These are my computers. I control what gets displayed on it, NOT google.

Not a matter of what ads Google displays on it. Google ads whether via YT or the search engine often contain malware and other scams that will infect a system just by displaying the ad, even if it is not clicked on.

Kuron's computers are an ad-free zone and I refuse to be blackmailed by Google into displaying ads.
Mon, 11 Dec 2023, 15:26
Aww, I'm sure it'll be fine.
They'll probably just start charging the content creators for the bandwidth instead.
It'll be fine.

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