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Created : 08 January 2024
Edited : 08 January 2024

Diabetic Eye Screening 2024

"Diabetic Eye Screening at the Meeks Building"


And once we figured out what the hell the Meeks Building was, and how the smeg to get in, we then spent the past couple of days deciding whether to..
A ) Get a Taxi
B ) Get me on a bus for the first time since 2012.

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Monday, 08 January 2024, 10:58
Those look like good chips!!! Glad you had a nice day out!
Monday, 08 January 2024, 12:19
The food looks good! I bought a new winter coat from Amazon. I got a larger one than the measurements suggested. But it stil feels a bit tight. Need to lose a couple of kg's No snacks..

My back exercising is making walking less painful. I have learned to talk better about my chronic pain the last year. People just calling me weird or worse because I was always numbed by pain and could not react socially like they expect from people. Got to learn to explain so they and I can understand. Maybe I can learn to chat up a date one day. Stil hurts to much to socialize.
Monday, 08 January 2024, 12:46
Yeah, as much as I enjoy pointing out the holes in my head, I find it really hard to waffle on about my trauma IRL..
Much happier to keep bringing it up online, all the time

I do need to socialise more.

... or do I?
*locks door*
Monday, 08 January 2024, 14:51
Sounds like a grand day out! Happy to hear that it was an easier journey than expected!
Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 05:29
Trip Number Two!!!

The diabetes eye result was "We can't see anything, please do it again"..

And so, off we went again.
Same bus there, walked to the eye screening, flash flash blur blur blur, and out.
Then, because I was feeling really queasy and was 95% sure I couldn't stomach the chips this time, we opted to head to Primarks, which isn't too far of a walk.

We looked around, and I got a nice fancy new jumper.
.. Or rather, Mum bought me a nice fancy new jumper because it's my birthday next month, and it's not exactly every day that I get to Primark to look at Jumpers.

It was probably mid-2011, maybe earlier, since the last time I was in a Primark store.
Thankfully their music system was on the fritz. You could occasionally hear a "gggzz.. zzzpp.. fzzzz" from the speaker systems, but no insanely loud blaring music, which helped me a TON!!!
We also saw a nice coat in there, for me, but they didn't have my size. Mum'll be nipping in each time she's in the vicinity, to see if she can get one the right size.

Next, we headed to Iceland to get some of their Gregg's Sausage Rolls, and look for other snacky things.
By this point, though, I think I'd been walking far too much. My head was starting to swirl around, and with the addition of the Diabetes-Test eye blurriness, things were getting pretty bad.
I had to rush Mum through the shop and we just about got outside in time for me to stop for a breather before things got any worse.

But I managed just about well enough.
We headed for the bus, got back home, and I'm now sitting writing this in a giant font because my eyes are still blurry as hell, and I can barely see anything that's right in front of me!!

Today's stroll : 5060 steps. \o/Yeay\o/
Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 10:18
Going for mine on the 20th of Feb, been having to go there since 2014.
Thursday, 08 February 2024, 04:45
For the past "post-op" years, I've been posting to Twitter/Mastodon my daily steps, and collating them into a lovely big spreadsheet. .. Mmmm, Spreadsheets!!!

After the first few years, though, my daily outdoor strolls petered out until almost nothing was left.
This year, however, with the move to the bungalow, I've vowed to do more frequent walks, and for the most-part we're managing about 2 or 3 short strolls per week.
The estate we're on is built up on a myriad of short loops, so from our bungalow we can go on short 200-step loops, all the way up to a giant 2,000+ loop. .. We've not attempted the longest loop, yet, but have done a few medium loops, and a couple of the almost-full loops.
Tesco's is also about 2k steps away, and the Chemist is 2k steps in the other direction.
They're not "LONG" walks, by any means. If I were fit and healthy they'd be no more than about 5 minutes in either direction. Nowadays they take me about 20 minutes both ways, instead. .. And I always need Mum with me because my stumbling has definitely gotten worse in the past number of years.

But it's nice to be able to walk there and back, and we've got nice new views, and enjoy nosying at everyone's Bungalows around the estate.

Most of the bungalows here are built in the same way, but people have reconfigured the porches, some have loft extensions, and the myriad of different window and door styles is great to be a nosey-bastard about!!
It really is a lovely area.

I'm waffling. Back to the point.
All this new-ness has been spurring me on, and with the vow to walk more, I've been managing 2 or 3 walks a week, and it's all building up nicely.
The step count for this year, bearing in mind it's still only early February, has already beaten every step-count in the house, for the past 8 years, and frankly, that's amazeballs!!!

Woot, go health!!!

I'm still stumbling about, of course, and Mum's clinging onto my arm more and more with every walk. But getting out and about has been great, and with these newfound road-trips, I'm getting further afield, too.

.. I am still REALLY disappointed, though, that I never got to see the Meccano bridge..
It was just a wee bit too far.

Thursday, 15 February 2024, 11:48
We headed back to the doc's today, results of bloods, etc.
Had a nice half-hour with the nurse, who chatted about what tablets we were on, discussed healthy eating and all the usual.
Since it's the first time she'd seen us, she actually bothered to listen, which makes a bloomin' change.
She was instantly ready for "I think we should give you more diabetes tablets", but I explained my situation. How I'm fairly sure I don't have diabetes, "just high blood sugar", and she looked at me like I was a frickin' nutjob.
But she listened, and then she read through previous stuff, and .. I think she actually agreed with me, which makes is a massive difference from the last doctor.

She's decided to "Redo From Start". Stick with 1 tablet for now, test it in 3 months, then play with tablets and see what does or doesn't happen.


After that, we headed to the nearby chippy, and then headed home. A lovely trip.