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Socoder -> Film + TV -> Good SciFi Movies\\TV Shows?

Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 18:26
I am currently running out of stuff to watch..

I have watched all the good scifi movies starwars, startrek, farscape, Serenity, um like any other you could possible name.

As for TV shows I've seen all the stargate SG1's all the stargate Atlantis, All of the star trek epsiodes old new new new and old old and newer new ones.. Yes Voyager, Enterprise, DS9 everything..

So I really need to find something new something thats really good but maybe not so popular. I like scifi stuff to have lots of hightech stuff the more hightech the better.

Anyways I hope you guys can give me some ideas..

And yes this was inspired by HoboBen's post.

Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 18:36
If you've seen 'Serenity', then I guess you've probably watched 'Firefly', right? It's only 14-ish episodes long; canceled mid-season.

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Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 18:47
firefly is excelent

battlestar galactica is excelent

i reccomend both whole-heartedly

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Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 18:55
power mousey
yeah, Firefly. And Space Above and Beyond.
Don't forget the Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man. And Buck Rogers in the 25th Century with Twiki the robot.

I have seen the old original Doctor Who movie and starring Peter Cushing. Also, I like the series with the Scarecrow Jon Pertwee and also Tom Baker. It started to go down hill with Peter Davidson. I haven't seen the latest Doctor Who but it sounds really good.

Some other ones that I suggest are: Voyagers, Knight Rider, Logans Run, the Time Tunnel, the campy Lost in Space , V the tv series, the Incredible Hulk tv series,
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Fantastic Journey.

I also recommend Pinky and the Brain and Pirates of Darkwater too.
Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 19:13
I used to watch them when I was kids
the Bionic Woman, the Six Million Dollar Man,Knight Rider and Buck Rogers. They all are brilliant.
Sat, 16 Feb 2008, 19:33
power mousey

yeah!! Hotshot.

I remember one time my brother told me this:

he was watching this action and intense movie where he came in on this scene where these pilot of a private plane was sufffering a heart attack and the scientist next to him didn't know how to fly the plane.
The plane was spiralling out of control and the scientist was anxious and screaming that he was going to die. But suddenly he started to turn green and grew. And grew into the Incredible Hulk.
The Hulk grabbed the pilot and jumped from the out of control plane..and just in time. haha.

Whoa!, and Zoinks! I just remembered a few other sci-fi and horror shows too: The Original Twilight Zone, The Original Outer Limits, Twilight Zone from the 80s, The Outer Limits of the 90s and the Twilight Zone from the 90s...hosted by Ghost Dog Forest Whitaker.
And...and Tales From the Crypt too.

And Ghost Dog is really good too.

Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 11:32
Thanks guys I already seen battlestar galactica and Firefly both were really good hopefully more battlestar galactica epsiodes come out.

As for doctor who I never really liked it.. =/ I am not one for British humor. I've seen all the current Bionic Women but I havent heard of Six Million Dollar Man or Pirates of Darkwater. I have seen pinky and the brain though.

And I am more interested in something closer to this era. IE 1990's and beyond.

Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 13:04
If you haven't seen it already, Fifth Element was not a bad film. I can't think of many others off the top of my head. It's safe to assume you've seen the Matrix, isn't it?

Oh and I'm not so keen on the modern Doctor Who (Christopher Eccleston was ok, David Tennant I'm not so keen on) but I really like some of the older ones.

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Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 13:19
Yep I've seen Fifth Element and the Matrix series... I really dont like the new doctor who its just to weird for me..
Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 15:01
Babylon 5, specifically series 3 onwards. The series long stories are unmatched, even by Star Trek. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the only other sci-fi show I think is anywhere near as good, and far better at stand alone plot episodes.
Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 15:20
Enterprise was ok, but Season 3 was definitely the best.. A well designed season arc, well written episodes, and good adventures along the way. Great stuff. In fact, if you compared that single season to any other single Trek seasons, I think I'd probably consider that to be the strongest. But in general I'm one of those who liked Voyager. True. They pretty much killed the point of the Borg, but as far as "fun" storylines go, It was much better, and never really got bogged down with too many political episodes, like the other treks seemed to.

Enough of Trek, though! I'm an avid Stargate watcher now, and although it might not be exactly "futuristic" it is still good sci-fi. Maybe you'd prefer Atlantis over SG1?

Other good shows? As Mousey said, Outer Limits was good viewing.
The New-Outer-Limits had some great shows when it started, but I honestly can't say I watched much more than the first season.
Either way, the opening few episodes were pretty good, featuring stuff like Future-Viewing, Martian creatures and more.

X-Files, again modern day, but still good watching.
The problem with X-files is that it's not really something you can re-watch. Along the way there were some really great stand-alone episodes that you could certainly rewatch, but mostly it's a show all about the overriding government conspiracy stuff.
It's good if you can get the whole show in order, and really get into it.

Sliders was ok at the start, but it kinda went weirder as it went on..!

Um, I'm sure there's more I've watched than that, but nothing springs to mind..!

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Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 16:06
power mousey
yeah, Jay. I remember Sliders too.
It was such a good show. But Fox kept interrupting the episodes with sports news and baseball and car racing too.

And about X-FILES the tv series. I agree with you.
At the start it was really good. All those shows with various weird things and happenings. And strange and unusual people and their powers and abilities. Even an episode on ghosts and poltergeists.
I didn't like when it became to UFO and Alien oriented.
I know Chris Carter was inspired by and wanted the show to become like Kolchak: the Night Stalker. Perhaps, he wanted to tie most of the things and all these people with their strange powers and abilities into UFOS and Aliens and ALien hybrids.

And thats another good sci fi/horror tv series to look into Toaster and Hobo. And everybody too.
Kolchak: the Night Stalker. And starring Darren McGavin.

and talking about the Twilight Zone..I forgot about one of my more favorite series by Rod Serling.
The Night Gallery

more weird and stranger than the Twilight Zone. Sometimes funny and humorous. But mostly dark and scary.

Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 18:04
hmm thanks theres some good ones here I've seen all of the Stargate Atlantis's so far even last Fridays. I've seen alot of xfiles but I am waiting for my friend to share them again so I can get them. I've never heard of Kolchak: the Night Stalker or The Night Gallery. I would be interested in a demon fighting movie/tv show something like devil may cry?

I started to watch Babylon 5 but I dont know it was rather gay. I thought the spaceships where stupid looking.. maybe season 3 it will be better. I love star trek voyager and to this date its my favorite star trek! I didnt like then end though.. I wanted the ending to be peaceful with them ending up back at earth.. =/

Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 20:00
power mousey

Kolchak:the Night Stalker is weird.
He is actually a investigative news reporter.

You should watch the 2 , 2 hour premeire tv shows which started the series. They are actually called Night Stalker
and the other one is the Night Strangler. And incidentally, the screenplays were both written by Richard Matheson the author of the such books as "I Am Legend", "Hell House", and various stories for both the original Twilight Zone and Night Gallery.

about Star Trek Voyager. They did end up back on earth.
Did you watch the finale called Endgame? But there is a final, time plot twist and for the good of all the crew.
Watch it again Toaster, and you will see and understand what I mean.
I have the Star Trek Time Travel Fan Collection DVD series and which this episode is on. I also have a video tape of the last episode of Star Trek Voyager recorded. And have watched a few times.
My four favorite characters of the series are Captain Janeway, Torres, Tuvok and the holographic doctor.

Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 21:07
Almost forgot!

Chronicles of Riddick
It was originally a book series, and they took the 4 books and made them into 4 different types of media that were all EXCELENT. One is a game, CoR: Escape from Butcher Bay which is a really fun game, stealth + edge-of-your-seat intense fighting, both hand to hand and with a weapon. The other was a made for TV movie called CoR: Pitch Black (might just be listed as Pitch Black), which was again, another excelent production. The next was a cartoon/animated movie that i can't remember the name of. The final part was a real movie theater movie that I think was just called The Chronicles of Riddick and it wrapped everything up. Again, all of the productions were excelent, and it made it even cooler that they were each presented in a different form of media.

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Sun, 17 Feb 2008, 21:21
power mousey
yeah, Instinct.

The Chronicles of Riddick. I did like Pitch Black. That was a dark and scary sci-fi. I also liked the Chronicles of Riddick.


another movie that I liked and had elements of sci fi and horror is Van Helsing.

I strongly recommend this one for you too.

Mon, 18 Feb 2008, 11:36
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been running a while in USA, but is about to start on UK tv soon (Virgin IIRC). It's not too bad - not as good as the first two films.

There's another show, kinda like X-Files, called Threshold.

There's also a new KnightRider series coming soon (already aired one episode in USA).

Medium is a fantastic sci-fi series about, well... guess It's been going for a few years, but it's definitely worth watching (there's very little continuation between episodes, so you can easily drop in).