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Socoder -> Microsoft -> xbox 360 elite

Posted : Thursday, 29 March 2007, 05:05

This is my LOL for the week.
Probably all the wrong reasons to buy a console summed up in that video.

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Posted : Thursday, 29 March 2007, 07:31
Why? I don't get it. It's a high end XBox 360 designed to offer all the same high-end functionality Sony claim to be exclusive to the PS3. I think it's a good idea by Microsoft, especially since they are not trying to sell it as the new standard XBox 360. It allows them to also undermine and defeat Sony's marketing claims.

I am not trying to promote the XBox 360, but this is how it looks to me. From Microsoft's point of view this is a very good idea. It is also called the 'Elite' for a reason.
Posted : Thursday, 29 March 2007, 08:39
But, from an elitests point of view, the lack of included HD Drive, even if it's an external one, nagates the whole point of it being an Elite pack. I mean, if they're giving you everything else for your Elite-Hi-Def-Setup, then throw that in too, right? Even make it $600 with the HD if need be. If it's there, people who want it will get it.

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Posted : Thursday, 29 March 2007, 10:31
I saw this the other day on dignation( or at least i think it was dignation). I think its a fairly good move on microsofts part but at the same time why buy a new console when you could just buy the larger hard drive and put it on your old one? But it is black, and i do like black, and as we all know, looks are all that matter.

Stuff... Yeah...
Posted : Thursday, 29 March 2007, 12:08
honestly i like this idea, it gives me a lot more bang for my buck and plus a black and green color scheme can't be beaten

now to figure out how to hook it up to my HDTV(60 inch bitches) i am probably going to get this instead of a premium at the end of the year

i like green haired girls...
Posted : Friday, 30 March 2007, 00:15
power mousey

I like black. Also
light and dark grey too.

And especially black cubes too.
Posted : Tuesday, 24 April 2007, 02:16
Elite comes with the HDD. It comes with everything the "Pro" system has, plus extra cables and a charge+play kit. (And the HDD is bigger and there's the cripple-HDMI port and it's black)

But, yeah, if you've already got one there's no reason to not just buy the bigger HDD, especially since your LIVE content is tied to your machine.

Oh, you meant a HD-DVD drive. The Elite only has the cripple-HDMI port as a hookup option for people who want to use that kind of cable for whatever reason. It's not being sold as a HD-DVD machine.

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Posted : Tuesday, 24 April 2007, 02:28
power mousey
I know that way later on....

Hellgate London will be released...
in both single and multiplayer mode...
on both the PC and the XBOX 360.

Fallout 3 currently under wraps
by Bethseda will be ported to the XBOX 360 as well.

Estimated release of Hellgate London will probably
be sometime in August. For Fallout 3 well um, anybodys'

power mousey